Are you ready to start the school year with a bang?

So the new school year is nearly here again. September does roll around quickly! Are you ready to kick off with a bang? Here’s how to get into top shape to teach with impact.

Reflect on what went well last year

Schools in the UK vary enormously. Public and private schools tend to have more autonomy and smaller classrooms, whereas state schools have to follow the national curriculum and class sizes can be up to 30 students. Some large secondary schools can have up to 2000 pupils, or even more, especially in cities, whereas rural schools are likely to be smaller. Some schools hone in on specific subject areas, such as languages or sports, although all will have a broad curriculum. It might be a school where academic achievement is particularly prized, and university admission rates crucial. Think about what is important to you as a teacher, and make sure you choose a school that offers that.

Keep learning

Great teachers never stop learning. Make sure you sign up for education themed newsletters, read the sector press, follow movers and shakers on social media and catch up on the best blogs. You’ll get great ideas, discover new ways of approaching learning, and keep up to date with the latest trends. And think beyond just education. A lot of the latest ideas to hit education such as blended learning, project based learning and experiential education came from the business and corporate sectors, where evidence shows that they really work. 

Keep networking

Despite working in schools with sometimes hundreds of staff and thousands of students, sometimes teaching can be a lonely business. You need to build a community of people that you can share ideas with, learn from, and sometimes just offload. At Impact Teachers we organise networking events on a regular basis, and our teachers have told us that they find them invaluable. You can also join groups and forums online, meeting teachers from across the world and even the country. 

Resource ready

If you need to create videos or print worksheets, it’s best to get them prepared ahead of time. There are loads of great resource libraries online, and when you’ve formed relationships and networks with other teachers, you can also collaborate on creating an impactful teaching toolkit. Have it all ready at the start of the year so you’ve an arsenal of content and resources ready to go.

Plan your lessons

Hopefully you haven’t spent all summer on paperwork. But planning your lessons is essential. Make sure you have a structure and framework and know the main points that you want to get across in each lesson, so you’re ready for action. Remember that you can’t teach everyone everything all in one go, so having a plan will help you ensure you’re delivering everything you need to over the term. It will also help minimise any last minute panic! Also remember to have supply teacher emergency plans in place – a few days worth of content and resources in case you’re unexpectedly off sick.

Are you ready for the new school year? Teach with impact with our top tips, and kickstart the new term with a bang. Keep checking back for more inspiration.

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