Impact Teachers – An Introduction


Impact Teachers is a teacher recruitment company founded with a vision of making a local, national and global impact on education. We recruit exceptional teachers from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK to teach in a huge range of schools across the UK. Whether you are a UK-trained or overseas-trained teacher, whether you are looking for a long-term or short-term position, Impact is passionate about meeting your needs.

We deliver a direct and genuine service to our teachers, and our primary aim is to secure your ideal teaching position. Impact Teachers endeavor to match schools with Teachers and Teaching Assistants to satisfy the needs and abilities of both parties. Whether you are a UK-trained or overseas-trained teacher, whether you are looking for a long-term or short-term position, Impact is passionate about meeting your needs.

We believe that every child has the right to a quality education and that this needs to be holistic, so through our BEN Movement we can provide training to teachers in local schools in Uganda and India, and also invest in various projects, including building classrooms and school toilets, providing stationery, desks and benches, and funding school meals.

The movement encourages our teachers to take part in our Teachers Impacting Teachers programme and BEN trips take place four times a year during school breaks, so your participation will not interfere with your work.

Beyond Educational Needs Movement (BEN)

Through this desire, the Beyond Educational Needs (BEN) Movement was born. This movement consists of three programmes; Schools Impacting Schools, Teachers Impacting Teachers, and Youth Impacting Youth.

It is because of the teachers and schools who work with Impact Teachers that all programmes are currently funded by Impact Teachers as the company commits a portion of its profits from its recruitment services to its goal of making the greatest impact on education possible.

As a teacher, we will give you direct and honest advice and service towards a trip that will massively broaden your teaching experience and perspective of the education profession. The trip can also provide you with some fantastic references for your future career, plenty of personal growth and a life-changing few days.

Since Impact Teachers is a business, the BEN Movement gives us the ability to assist teachers and schools locally and globally on a long-term basis. We never pass off funds and opt to work directly with schools, pupils and teachers in need because we want education to be sustainable.

So far, we have provided over 150,000 days of education in India and Uganda and you can help us achieve even more.

Schools Impacting Schools

Our Schools Impacting Schools programme focuses on the UK schools’ role in the 360 degree impact on education. Schools that utilise our services are not only gaining quality trained teachers but also indirectly contributing to our overseas projects.
UK schools also benefit from Impact Teachers’ overseas training as they act as a form of professional development. Teachers return to the UK re-energized having obtained a better understanding of education on an international level as well as having gained skills implementable within their own classrooms.

Volunteer teachers have even conducted assemblies at their schools in order to relate their experiences to students and colleagues, helping to promote the vision of Impact Teachers to more widely positively impact education.

Teachers Impacting Teachers

Our Teachers Impacting Teachers programme is our largest and most well-known.  Our biggest resource is teachers, and those who are recruited by Impact Teachers have the opportunity to help prepare and participate in our week-long teachers’ training workshops in India and Uganda (which are conducted four times a year).

Teacher loyalty is essential for Impact Teachers as the majority of the company’s contributions go toward supporting our teacher training workshops. Additional funds have been spent on infrastructure projects and food programmes for the local Indian and Ugandan schools whose teachers participate in our workshops.

Fully trained teachers have created a successful curriculum that addresses the basic training needs of teachers. From 2008 to date, Impact Teachers, with the assistance of over 120 volunteers on 20 trips, has trained over 200 teachers in India and Uganda, effectively improving the education of over 16,000 students.

Youth Impacting Youth

Our Youth Impacting Youth programme was designed to help disengaged youth in the UK gain a better understanding of themselves, their communities and the world around them. More importantly, it creates a sense of pride and self-confidence allowing students to re-engage with their academic surroundings.

The programme consists of 15 disengaged youths, chosen by their teachers participating in a 5 day workshop of creative and challenging activities that are designed to encourage them to explore their abilities and potential. They are given ‘real world’ finances and ‘real world’ projects from which they must choose one project (i.e. a food programme for a Ugandan school, a bore well for a school in India or Uganda etc),. The students have to research the topic of their project and justify their choice.

Through this process, students have the chance to make a tangible difference in the lives of students in India or Uganda. Two pilot programmes have been completed reaching a total of 30 students within two UK schools. The 2 students with the best presentations each had their plans for a bore well in India become a reality. So there are now two bore wells at schools in Bihar, India thanks to the Youth Impacting Youth programme!

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