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Discover a World of Teaching Opportunities in Haringey

Welcome to Haringey, a vibrant and culturally diverse borough in North London. Impact Teachers, recognized as one of the top international teacher recruitment agencies in the UK, invites you to explore exciting teaching roles in this unique area. We’re dedicated to helping skilled educators like you find fulfilling positions that align with your professional goals.

Why Haringey is a Great Destination for Educators

Haringey is a melting pot of cultures and communities, offering an enriching experience for teachers. With a range of schools, including primary, secondary, and SEN, the borough provides a variety of teaching environments. Whether you’re looking for long-term positions or supply teaching opportunities, Haringey’s educational landscape offers a dynamic and supportive atmosphere for growth.

Tailored Support from Impact Teachers

As one of the leading teaching agencies in the UK, we take pride in offering personalized support to help you find the perfect teaching job in Haringey. Our deep understanding of the local educational sector ensures that we match your unique talents with the right school.

  • Diverse Teaching Roles: From SEN teacher jobs in the UK to primary and secondary teaching vacancies in Haringey, we cater to a wide range of educational interests and specialties.
  • International Teacher Assistance: If you’re seeking UK teaching jobs for foreigners, our experienced team is here to guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth transition to your new role.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Teaching in Haringey means being part of a community that values educational innovation and professional growth.
Join Us in Shaping the Future of Education in Haringey

At Impact Teachers, we’re more than just a recruitment agency; we’re a community passionate about education. If you’re interested in pursuing teaching jobs in Haringey, or looking for teaching opportunities in the UK more broadly, we’re here to facilitate your journey.

Reach out to us to find out more about the unique teaching jobs available in Haringey. Let’s work together to make a positive impact in the world of education.


Here are just a few of the benefits of registering with the UK’s top rated teacher recruitment agency:

  • We’re available at any time – just give us a call
  • We have a roster of local teachers and TAs carefully vetted for experience and safeguarding checks
  • ID sent to you before the teacher arrives for your peace of mind
  • Our extensive range of high-quality staff are available to cover short, long term and permanent vacancies when you need them
  • Many of our expert agency staff worked as teachers and understand the needs of the teaching environment
  • We secure the highest quality teachers early on, ready for your school

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of teaching positions are available in Haringey?

In Haringey, there are a variety of teaching positions available, including primary school teaching jobs, secondary school teaching jobs, and SEN (Special Educational Needs) teaching roles. These positions can be either temporary (supply teaching jobs) or permanent roles​​.

Do I need to be based in the UK to apply for these positions?

Impact Teachers supports candidates both within the UK and from overseas, as long as they have the right to work in the UK, possess comparable qualifications, and can pass vetting requirements.

Are there opportunities for non-teaching roles in schools?

Yes, apart from teaching roles, opportunities include positions like teaching assistants, classroom support staff, and SEN roles.

What is Ofsted, and how does it impact teaching in the UK?

Ofsted is the UK government department responsible for maintaining standards in education. They inspect schools every 4 to 5 years, focusing on lesson observation, learner interaction, and administrative paperwork

Are there any behavior management tips for teachers?

Effective teaching and behavior management involve planning lessons that cater to different abilities and interests, understanding and following the school’s behavior management policy, and using positive reinforcement and role modeling

What are the qualifications required for teaching jobs in Haringey?

Candidates should possess qualifications comparable to UK standards, with specific requirements varying based on the role (e.g., primary, secondary, SEN). Overseas candidates must have the right to work in the UK and meet the necessary educational standards.

Are there professional development opportunities for teachers in Haringey?

Many schools and educational institutions offer professional development opportunities. Teachers should inquire with their specific school or Impact Teachers about available programs for continuous learning and skill enhancement.

What is the Inner London Pay Scale for Teachers?

The Inner London Pay Scale is designed to account for the higher cost of living in the capital. It offers teachers working within the Inner London area a higher salary compared to those in Outer London and the rest of England. This pay scale reflects the commitment to attract and retain high-quality educators in the city’s more demanding teaching environments. It varies depending on experience and position, starting from newly qualified teachers to more senior roles.

How Does Mulberry Academy Woodside Support Student Development?

Mulberry Academy Woodside, a comprehensive school, is committed to providing a holistic education. It focuses on not just academic excellence but also the personal, social, and emotional development of young people. With state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse curriculum, it aims to nurture future-ready individuals. The school often emphasizes the importance of community, inclusivity, and preparing students to thrive in a global environment.

What Makes Belmont Infant School Unique?

Belmont Infant School offers a nurturing and stimulating environment for early years’ education. Recognizing the crucial role of foundational years, the school dedicates itself to fostering a love for learning, creativity, and curiosity among young learners. It often highlights its commitment to individualized attention, ensuring that each child’s unique needs and potentials are recognized and supported.

What Should Parents Look for in Junior Schools in Inner London?

When exploring junior schools in Inner London, parents should consider the school’s approach to balancing academic rigor with personal development. The availability of diverse extracurricular activities, support for young people’s mental and emotional well-being, and the school’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement are key. Inner London schools often face unique challenges and opportunities, making their approach to education particularly relevant for a city’s diverse population.

We have a huge range of daily, long-term and permanent teaching jobs available across London and the UK.

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