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Welcome to Surrey, a picturesque county on the outskirts of London. Impact Teachers is here to connect you with the best teaching jobs in Surrey. We pride ourselves on pairing talented educators with roles that align with their career goals and lifestyle preferences.

Why Surrey is a Perfect Fit for Teachers

Surrey offers a serene alternative to the hustle and bustle of central London, with its beautiful landscapes and high-quality schools. The county provides a range of teaching roles across primary, secondary, and SEN settings.

Impact Teachers: Your Surrey Career Partner

We at Impact Teachers understand the importance of finding the right school and role for you in Surrey.

  • Variety of Teaching Jobs: Surrey’s schools are known for their excellence and variety of roles.
  • Support for Teachers: Our team is committed to helping you navigate your career path in Surrey.
  • Professional Development: Surrey’s commitment to education makes it a great place for teacher development.
Start Your Teaching Journey in Surrey

Contact Impact Teachers for more information on teaching jobs in Surrey and let us help you find your ideal teaching position in this tranquil and scenic part of the UK.


Here are just a few of the benefits of registering with the UK’s top rated teacher recruitment agency:

  • We’re available at any time – just give us a call
  • We have a roster of local teachers and TAs carefully vetted for experience and safeguarding checks
  • ID sent to you before the teacher arrives for your peace of mind
  • Our extensive range of high-quality staff are available to cover short, long term and permanent vacancies when you need them
  • Many of our expert agency staff worked as teachers and understand the needs of the teaching environment
  • We secure the highest quality teachers early on, ready for your school

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of teaching positions are available in Surrey?

In Surrey, there are a variety of teaching positions available, including primary school teaching jobs, secondary school teaching jobs, and SEN (Special Educational Needs) teaching roles. These positions can be either temporary (supply teaching jobs) or permanent roles​​.

What exciting opportunities are available for those looking to join a senior leadership team?

Opportunities in senior leadership, such as headteacher or department head roles, are both challenging and rewarding. These positions are integral to shaping the academic and cultural ethos of the school. Successful candidates will have a significant impact on curriculum development, teacher mentorship, and student outcomes. Leadership roles often involve strategic planning, staff management, and liaising with the wider school community, offering a dynamic and impactful career path.

What opportunities are available for qualified teachers at Ripley Court School?

Ripley Court School, known for its commitment to excellence, offers various roles for qualified teachers. From early years to primary education, the school seeks dedicated professionals adept in delivering a comprehensive curriculum. Qualified teachers are expected to bring innovative teaching methods, a thorough understanding of the early years and primary school curricula, and a passion for fostering a positive learning environment for young learners.

What attributes does a successful candidate need, particularly for teaching the early years curriculum?

A successful candidate for teaching early years must be deeply knowledgeable about the early years curriculum, understanding its core principles and pedagogical approaches. This includes familiarity with child development, creative lesson planning, and strategies for engaging young children. Additionally, the candidate should demonstrate a nurturing demeanor, excellent communication skills, and the ability to collaborate effectively with teaching assistants and the wider school community.

How are department salaries structured, especially in cases of maternity cover?

Department salaries are determined by factors like experience, qualifications, and the specific demands of the role. For maternity cover positions, salaries are typically on par with the regular role, ensuring competitive compensation for temporary staff. These roles provide an excellent opportunity for professionals to gain experience in a new setting and can sometimes lead to more permanent positions.

What are the prospects for assistant roles in competitive head departments?

Assistant roles in highly competitive departments are essential for the smooth operation of the school. These positions offer the chance to work alongside experienced professionals and contribute significantly to the department’s success. Candidates for these roles should be adaptable, proactive, and eager to learn. They can expect to be involved in various aspects of departmental work, gaining valuable experience in a dynamic educational environment.

How can I stay informed about job openings in performing arts education?

By subscribing to job alerts from our agency, candidates can receive timely updates about new openings in performing arts and other areas. These alerts provide information on a range of roles, from teaching positions to support staff opportunities, in diverse educational settings.

What is unique about teaching young learners in a primary school setting?

Teaching young learners in a primary school is a unique and rewarding experience. It requires a blend of creativity, patience, and enthusiasm to engage students at this critical stage of their development. Teachers are responsible for laying the groundwork for lifelong learning, covering foundational subjects and instilling a love for education.

What should teachers expect when working in pre prep and SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) schools?

Teachers in pre prep and SEND schools need specialized skills to address the diverse needs of their students. They must be adept at creating inclusive lesson plans, employing strategies that cater to different learning styles and challenges. Working in these settings can be incredibly fulfilling, as it involves making a profound difference in the lives of students who require additional support.

What role do teaching assistants play over the academic year?

Teaching assistants are vital throughout the academic year, providing essential support to teachers and students alike. They assist with classroom management, individual student support, and the implementation of lesson plans. Their role is especially crucial in adapting teaching methods to suit diverse learning needs and ensuring that every student receives the attention they require.

What can be expected when working alongside a new teacher joining the team?

When a new teacher joins a team, existing staff can expect a period of collaboration and integration. This involves sharing insights, methodologies, and curricular knowledge to ensure a cohesive approach to education. New teachers bring fresh perspectives and ideas, enriching the educational environment and contributing to the school’s dynamic.

What should candidates consider when evaluating position offers?

Candidates should consider several factors when evaluating position offers, such as the school’s ethos, the specific responsibilities of the role, opportunities for professional development, and the overall fit with their career goals and personal values. It’s also important to consider the support network available, including resources for continuous learning and skill enhancement.

Do I need to be based in the UK to apply for these positions?

Impact Teachers supports candidates both within the UK and from overseas, as long as they have the right to work in the UK, possess comparable qualifications, and can pass vetting requirements.

Are there opportunities for non-teaching roles in schools?

Yes, apart from teaching roles, opportunities include positions like teaching assistants, classroom support staff, and SEN roles.

What is Ofsted, and how does it impact teaching in the UK?

Ofsted is the UK government department responsible for maintaining standards in education. They inspect schools every 4 to 5 years, focusing on lesson observation, learner interaction, and administrative paperwork

Are there any behavior management tips for teachers?

Effective teaching and behavior management involve planning lessons that cater to different abilities and interests, understanding and following the school’s behavior management policy, and using positive reinforcement and role modeling

What are the qualifications required for teaching jobs in Surrey?

Candidates should possess qualifications comparable to UK standards, with specific requirements varying based on the role (e.g., primary, secondary, SEN). Overseas candidates must have the right to work in the UK and meet the necessary educational standards.

Are there professional development opportunities for teachers in Surrey?

Many schools and educational institutions offer professional development opportunities. Teachers should inquire with their specific school or Impact Teachers about available programs for continuous learning and skill enhancement.

We have a huge range of daily, long-term and permanent teaching jobs available across London and the UK.

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