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At Impact Teachers we want to bring great teachers into
schools like yours to impact the education of children

Schools in Wandsworth with teaching vacancies need great teachers like you. And education jobs are what we do. At teacher recruitment agency Impact Teachers we have a whole range of primary school teaching jobs, secondary school teaching jobs, and SEN teaching jobs – both supply teaching jobs and permanent teacher jobs. The primary, secondary and SEN schools in this area of London are waiting for both temporary and permanent teachers to join the team and make a difference.

Whatever your skills are, whatever your preferences, and no matter what experience you have, you’re sure to find a teaching job with us.

Wandsworth is a lovely area in South West London. Situated on the River Thames, it’s home to Battersea Park and Battersea Power Station, the lovely Wandsworth Common, and is on the Overground, National Rail and District Line, as well as lots of fast busses into central London where you can find amazing educational resources and places for schools to visit such as the British Museum, Tower of London, Southbank Centre, Science Museum and more. For teachers looking for a teaching job in London, Wandsworth is perfect.

Impact Teachers is proud to be is the best agency in the UK for resource finding, and has the best teachers and is the best agency for recruitment and filling teacher vacancies and offering supply teacher jobs.

If you want to know more about teaching jobs in Wandsworth, and want to join the teacher recruitment agency that has the best teachers just get in touch.


Here are just a few of the benefits of registering with the UK’s top rated teacher recruitment agency:

  • We’re available at any time – just give us a call
  • We have a roster of local teachers and TAs carefully vetted for experience and safeguarding checks
  • ID sent to you before the teacher arrives for your peace of mind
  • Our extensive range of high-quality staff are available to cover short, long term and permanent vacancies when you need them
  • Many of our expert agency staff worked as teachers and understand the needs of the teaching environment
  • We secure the highest quality teachers early on, ready for your school
What type of work opportunities are available?

We offer a range of opportunities, including long-term positions that span the entire academic year and short-term or day-to-day supply roles. Your preferences are our priority, and we work to match you with roles that suit your career goals and lifestyle needs.

    Do you provide opportunities beyond teaching roles?

    Yes, besides teaching positions, we assist with a variety of school-based roles, including teaching assistants, classroom support staff, and Special Educational Needs (SEN) roles. Our goal is to find the perfect fit for your skills and interests within the educational sector.

      Understanding Ofsted and its Function:

      Ofsted inspects schools in England and reports on educational standards. They conduct comprehensive evaluations every 4 to 5 years, focusing on various aspects of school administration and teaching quality. Understanding Ofsted’s grading system and their focus areas is essential for teachers in the UK.

        What Opportunities Are Available for Teaching Assistants?

        Impact Teachers offers a variety of roles for teaching assistants across different educational settings. Whether you’re looking for a position in early years, primary, secondary, or SEN environments, we have opportunities that cater to a diverse range of skills and preferences. Teaching assistants play a crucial role in supporting classroom activities, assisting with student learning, and contributing to a positive educational environment. Our agency is dedicated to matching teaching assistants with roles that align with their experience, qualifications, and career aspirations.

          How Can I Find My Dream Role in Education?

          Finding your dream role in education involves understanding your strengths, preferences, and the kind of educational environment where you thrive. We encourage candidates to clearly articulate their career goals, preferred age groups, and specific interests or specialties. Our team works closely with you to identify positions that not only meet your qualifications but also align with your personal aspirations and teaching philosophy. Whether your dream role is in a vibrant primary school, a challenging secondary school environment, or a specialized SEN setting, we are committed to helping you achieve your professional goals.

            What Types of Education Jobs Are Available in Southwark?

            Southwark offers a diverse range of educational jobs, catering to various teaching and support roles. The area is known for its vibrant educational landscape, with opportunities in primary, secondary, and SEN schools. Jobs in Southwark include full-time, part-time, and supply teaching positions, as well as roles for teaching assistants, administrative staff, and specialized support roles. Southwark’s schools are known for their commitment to innovation and excellence in education, making it an ideal location for educators seeking dynamic and rewarding career opportunities. Our agency focuses on connecting talented educators with suitable positions in Southwark’s schools, ensuring a good fit for both the teacher and the educational institution

            We have a huge range of daily, long-term and permanent teaching jobs available across London and the UK.

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