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I signed up with Impact teachers whilst I was still living in Canada and they helped me a great deal with visa questions and general questions about moving to the UK. They also organised 2 Skype interviews with schools before I landed. I work with one of those schools now and couldn’t be happier. Thanks Impact for making my transition to the UK stress-free!

Hayley Freeman

Art and Music Teacher

Impact has been honest and understanding since I registered. I was really worried about making the initial move from Ontario to the UK. They helped me along the whole way and always kept great communication. I had plenty of questions and they always did their best to ensure I was at ease and my questions were answered. Great agency you won’t regret it!

Ruby Morrison

Maths Teacher

I signed up to Impact Teachers 6 months ago whilst still living in Australia. They explained the visa process thoroughly and helped me with all the questions I had about moving to the UK. Prior to moving I did a few Skype interviews with schools that Impact set up and one of the schools wanted me as a year 3 Teacher. It was great to have a job lined up and to deal with an agency who actually listened and followed through with what they promised. Thank you so much Impact!

Crystal Krinks

Key Stage 2 Teacher

They were very helpful and understanding. They explained everything to me about obtaining a visa and provided many tips of what to do when I first arrive in London. I met with Impact when I first landed and they were so accommodating and friendly. They found me a role in a Primary School that turned out to be very close to where I live now. It all worked out well and I couldn’t thank Impact Teachers enough!

Kelly Mars

Primary Teacher

Finding a job overseas can be overwhelming and frightening, mainly because there are so many options to choose from and it can be difficult to navigate between what is true and false. Impact Teachers made that process much less daunting. The past year has been the best experience of my life! From the positive interactions with students to the extensive support you receive from Impact as soon as you land, it is an experience I will never forget. More importantly, teaching abroad in London with Impact Teachers allowed me the opportunity for personal growth and development, something I can always take with me in my teaching career!


PE and Science Teacher

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