What is Global Learning?

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Impact Teachers provides opportunities for teachers to experience global issues first hand by participating in overseas trips which opens their eyes to the world around them as well as impacting the education of thousands in India and Uganda. Participating teachers return to their UK classrooms and schools to share their experiences and encourage Global Learning with colleagues and students. Impact Teachers are making an impact on Global Learning.
Impact Teachers defines Global Learning as a focus on the interconnections between people and places around the world by providing over 150,000 days of education.

According to the Global Skills Gap

Three-quarters (74%) of the 500 business leaders polled worried that young people’s horizons are not broad enough to operate in a globalized and multicultural economy. Employers agreed that: “Unless we better support schools to teach young people to think more globally, the UK is in danger of being left behind by emerging economies.”

missing image impact teachersA whopping 93% of businesses think it is important for schools to help young people develop the ability to think globally, and 80% think schools should do more.

With regards to recruiting new employees, 79% of employers said that knowledge & awareness of the wider world is more important than formal qualifications.

So being aware of the world around you really matters!


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