Who Are Impact Teachers?

Hey everyone!

As we’ve refurbished our blog and moved to a new platform, we thought now would be as good a time as any to re-introduce Impact to you.



Whether you’ve stumbled upon us whilst you’ve been perusing the World Wide Web, you’re after an amazing new teaching job or you’ve been a client of ours for many moons, this post is for you! So who are Impact? Well…

In a nutshell, Impact Teachers is an education recruitment company based in London that recruits exceptional teachers from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK to teach in schools across the UK. Our motto is ‘Recruitment with Purpose’, and this is something all Impact staff incorporate into their work to get YOU the best and most suitable teaching position possible whilst making a global impact in the world of education.
Just some of the many advantages to working with us are: 

–   Guaranteed Work 
–   Easy online process
–   Teacher, SEN & TA Specialists    
–   Social events & parties
–   Welcome package for all your needs
–   Trips to Africa & India on School breaks
Get involved with us today and see why we’ve won the Best Candidate Care award from Recruiter magazine and have scored 100% for four years running on the DFE Quality Mark. We constantly meet the highest standards of recruitment in education and are in the business of radically changing how people see education and we want you to get involved! We are Impact! 

Here is a collection of testimonials from teachers and other education professionals who have worked with us previously and wanted to share their experiences with you…

“Excellent. Very friendly and professional…they put you forward for jobs that actually suit you rather than whatever comes in.! – Mark Vella

“I have enjoyed working as a Teacher through Impact Teachers,it’s been really beneficial to meet the team- in particular the Consultants that have taken time and effort to keep me in employment. I can definitely say that any additional progress that I have made within the last 2 years of my teaching practise, owes its gratitude to Impact Teachers…I would certainly say that each time I’ve ever needed any advice, or positive suggestions towards professional ethics in good teaching, Impact Teachers have always listened!” – Jermaine Newby


“…have made my dreams a reality and continue to guide me along this incredible journey. I cannot be more please with the professionalism and efficiency! – Jacob Friest 

“I moved to London from Canada about 7 months ago; however my journey with Impact began well before. From the initial interview in my hometown to regular phone-calls /e-mails, Impact was there to support me. Their staff were extremely friendly and genuinely cared about how things were coming along (e.g., paperwork, flights, emotions)…For a self-proclaimed “worry wart”, this was greatly appreciated! Upon arrival in London, Impact met with me right away to get the ball rolling…They briefed me on a typical school day, setting up bank accounts and payments, good places (and not so good places) to live, and other smaller, but crucial details. As for work, I have been in the same school for the past 6 months. I don’t miss the 7am phone calls from Impact as a day-to-day supply, but I will say that when I did receive them, they were pretty pleasant for that early hour!” –   Lindsey McEwan

“Super helpful from the beginning back home until the day you start working. Provided lots of information regarding everything needed…They still keep in contact to see how things are going. Would recommend to anyone, especially newly qualified teachers.”- Joy
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