Our top 5 teacher resource websites

The internet is a magical place that gives one the power to access an insurmountable amount of information. Trawling through the net to seek the top sites to support your lesson plans and ideas may take ages. Impact Teachers to the rescue!

We have personally checked through hundreds of teacher resource sites to save you time. Comment below on any sites you feel should have made the list!

Teachers Pet – tpet.co.uk

Teachers Pet is an incredible site for teachers in the UK and abroad. Offering resources for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2 as well as core subjects such as Maths.

Twinkle – twinkl.co.uk/

Loving those free teaching resources? Twinkle has it all. You can download 1000’s of resources, which can be printed as well.

Classroom Secretsclassroomsecrets.co.uk

Our supply teachers based in Canada, Australia, South Africa and globally love this website. It gives a wonderful base from which to work from before and when based in London, UK.

The Supply Teacher – thesupplyteacher.com

This is the perfect website for supply teachers.  The supply Teacher has news, reviews, information and inspiration added.

Impact Teachersimpactteachers.com

Lastly, who can ignore our amazing site as well? We have been rated in the 10 top teacher resource website for 2018. An amazing achievement. Check us out!

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