Keeping your children educationally engaged over the summer break

It’s time to beat those summer break blues. The school holidays are a time for the kids to take a well-earned break from the classroom, and finding things to keep them entertained and educated needn’t be difficult.

While it can be challenging, there are some great ways you can give them the life skills they need as well as keeping them busy and having fun during the holidays. Here are just a few summer holiday ideas…

Days out

Schools often set homework over the summer break, whether that’s researching the history lesson themes for the year to come or taking a look at the books they’ll be reading. So why not take the kids on days out that deal with these areas? If they’re going to be looking at World War II, a great place to go could be London’s Imperial War Museum. Studying Shakespeare? The Globe Theatre has lots of summer holiday ideas and activities to take part in. There are plenty of places across the country that deal in specific areas of your child’s school work, so look into their upcoming projects and see where it takes you and them. You might learn a little something yourself.

Joining a club

There are always youth social groups that hold events or camps over the summer holidays that can give your kids a wide and varied experience. Scouting groups and local youth activity centres are among the most popular places that hold these regular meetings and trips away. Signing your kids up to some of these can give them a different way of learning and spending their time, as well as provide a place to meet new friends

Galleries and museums

During the summer holidays, the national galleries and museums offer a great selection of events and activities to keep us entertained and educated. If you’re looking for summer holiday ideas in London, check out the events at places like the British Library‘s Family Station days, and Tate with their Story Space workshop for some great summer holiday ideas, and even venues in your area can give you inspiration for fun days out for all.

Family projects

You know your kids and what they like doing best. Whether they love books, are keen on maths, or a geek for history there are always ways to engage and keep them interested. For the creatives amongst you, story writing exercises, drawing challenges, and arts and crafts ideas are fun ways for them to think creatively. For the scientists and mathematicians, there are loads of fun and safe experiments to try out at home.

Movie nights

Grab the popcorn and settle down for a fun night in. There are loads of films nowadays that deal with lots of historical and real-life stories that are great ways to both educate and entertain. Signing up to streaming services and on-demand TV to see what’s on offer, and there’s sure to be something that everyone will want to watch.

What are your favourite ways to keep the kids educated and entertained? Help other parents out with your summer holiday ideas!

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