Six Simple Ways to De-Stress this Summer Holiday

The Summer holidays are almost here, but for some of us getting into the holiday mode is not that easy. Often teachers will be already stressing about the next term, their student’s grades and lesson plans instead of relaxing and enjoying being on holiday. While it is important to be prepared for the new school year it is equally as important to have some time for yourself and relax. Below are our six simple ways to de-stress this summer holiday.

1 Binge watch Netflix

One of the best features of Netflix is that you can watch it anywhere like in bed! Nothing sounds better than watching your new favorite series with a fluffy blanket, on a comfy couch or bed and your favorite snack. Netflix has tons of great and interesting shows that anyone can enjoy. The link below tells you the top 10 Netflix shows to binge this summer.



2 Enjoy the simple things

As a teacher you are constantly running around and now is the perfect opportunity to sit down and just enjoy a nice cup of tea with your favorite sweet treat. Sometimes the best way to relax is to stop and appreciate the small things that you are now able to do with your free time.

3 Read a book

Finally, you have the time to sit down and enjoy a book and not just any kind of book, a novel! Goodbye teaching related books, pamphlets or essays and hello to your favorite book. Kindles have so many cheap books available on them so why not explore them this summer. Below is a link that takes you to the best sellers on Kindle this summer and don’t forget to check out the free books too.

4 Get outside

After spending long days inside teaching your students and long nights marking papers, it’s time that you go outside and enjoy your day. Why not go to the local park or see what’s happening in your area and go and explore a bit. Not only is it relaxing to be out in nature, but it is also great exercise which is always a bonus.

5 Yoga

Why not pick up a new hobby this vacation that is not only good for your health but is also very relaxing for both your body and mind. Yoga is a great way to de-stress this holiday through meditation and exercise and anyone can do it. Below is a Yoga video that is only 20 minutes long which is great for beginners to try.



6 Have a lazy day

One of the best ways to spend your summer holidays is doing nothing at all! Why not have a lazy day where you sleep in and stay in your PJ’s all day. Not only is it super relaxing but nothing shouts being on holiday more than relaxing in your PJ’s, while ordering some takeout.

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