5 Tips to Make Marking Papers Easier

Marking papers is beneficial in communicating with the students what they have done right and what they need to improve on, but it is not an easy task to do. Below are 5 tips to make marking papers easier

1 Margin Marking

Writing comments on top of the student’s work can get very confusing, messy and tiring to understand. By marking points and symbols in the margin it is easier for the student to understand the teacher’s comments, as well as make it easier for the teacher to go through the work again.

2 Student Marking

Instead of spending all night marking simple questions, get the students to swap papers with each other and mark the questions. This can cut the marking time down in half, and gives you the opportunity to answer any questions that arise.

3 Marking Buddy

Getting together with another teacher to mark papers together can boost morale.  Even if you are not talking to each other, the fact that you have someone with you will bring a sense of comfort and make things more bearable.

4 Live Marking

Marking the student’s paper while they are present allows them to ask any questions about their work so that there is no miscommunication. This gives the student a clearer understanding of their mark and why they achieved it. This will save you having to re-grade or go through work again.

5 Highlighter Marking

Marking with different coloured highlighters representing a certain comment or opinion can indicate whether the work was good or needs improvement. This helps summarise what you want to say about the work in a quick, clear and efficient way.

If you would like more information on the importance of marking below is a helpful link written by Susan O’Connell


Written by, Danielle Watts

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