Getting a tutor for your child in the summer holidays

The summer holidays. Bliss. A few weeks of time off for pupils and students to do nothing, and go back to school ready and raring to kick off where they left off, right? Not quite.

Studies have shown that over the summer break young people are set back by around a month, and up to nearly three months in same cases. One study found the loss was up to 40% – a huge amount of time, energy and resources that have gone nowhere. The learning and skills they have acquired over the year get forgotten, as routines change and learning takes a back seat.

Why get a tutor?

It is critical to memory acquisition, skills development and brain growth to keep topping up the learning vault. It’s only through regular ‘drip feeding’ of education that young people are able to develop the knowledge and skills that they need. That’s why not taking too much of a break over the summer is critical.

Parents can choose to get a tutor for the summer break. This doesn’t have to be anything too intense, or every day. It is important young people do get some kind of rest. It might be just an hour or two a week, perhaps in a subject they are having challenges in, or one of the core subjects such as science, maths and english. Numeracy and literacy are considered key skills, and underpin all other subjects, so these are a good place to start.

Tutoring doesn’t have to be boring. Great tutors will have a range of activities available that are enriching and exciting, as well as educational. With 4-6 weeks off, it’s easy to get bored, and parents can’t entertain their children all day every day. Getting a tutor can actually be a good way to keep boredom at bay. They are able to go off curriculum but still enhance it, in ways that the school environment can’t. A great tutor will have knowledge of the curriculum and be able to follow it, but be creative in a way that a teacher doesn’t in the classroom.

UK schools tend to have class sizes of 25-30 students. That means that there are a huge range of different skills and abilities. The benefit of one to one tutoring is that the specific needs of your child are met. They cater to their level, interests, and skills, and can make a targeted effort to improve them.

How to find a tutor

Finding a tutor in the UK is simple. For a start, you can look at Impact Teachers. Our tutors are qualified teachers and fully vetted by us, so you know that standards are high. Some university students also offer tutoring, but it is crucial to remember that no amount of subject knowledge and intelligence will match experience and expertise at imparting that knowledge to others and engaging young people.

As well as being qualified, you will want to choose a tutor that your child likes and respects. Tears before tutoring is not something anyone wants during the summer holiday, so think about making sure there is a good student-tutor relationship. 

Tutoring should offer helpful and positive support so that young people have a fun and fulfilling summer, and are ready to thrive in the new school year.

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