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In today’s digital age, educators are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their teaching methods and engage their students. With the abundance of resources available online, YouTube has emerged as a treasure trove for teachers, offering a vast array of channels dedicated to professional development, classroom tips, and subject-specific tutorials. However, with literally hundreds of YouTube channels for teachers at the moment, finding the right ones can be overwhelming.

To make your life easier, we have curated a list of seven outstanding YouTube channels that stand out for their quality content, engaging presentation, and practical value. Whether you’re looking for a dose of humor, tech tips, creative science experiments, or inspiring educational lessons, these channels have something for everyone. Dive in and discover new ways to enrich your teaching toolkit and inspire your students.

Here are our top 7 YouTube channels for you to explore:

Gerry Brooks

Gerry Brooks, a head teacher turned YouTube sensation, has become a beloved figure in the educational community for his humorous and heartfelt videos about the challenges and joys of teaching. With his distinctive Southern accent and down-to-earth style, Gerry tackles a wide range of topics, from the everyday struggles of classroom management to the importance of teacher self-care. His videos are not only entertaining but also offer valuable insights and practical advice for educators at all levels.

One of our favorite videos is “Hand Gesture Hoedown,” where Gerry humorously demonstrates various hand gestures teachers can use to manage their classrooms effectively. This video is particularly amazing for its blend of humor and practical tips, guaranteed to put a smile on your face while also providing useful strategies.

Whether you need a laugh after a long day or some practical classroom advice, Gerry Brooks’ channel is a must-watch for every teacher.

In the era of digital learning, Google for Education is an essential resource for teachers looking to integrate technology into their classrooms. This channel is dedicated to helping educators make the most of Google’s suite of tools and apps, known as G Suite for Education. From Google Classroom and Google Drive to advanced tools like Google Forms and Google Sites, this channel provides comprehensive tutorials, tips, and case studies that showcase how these tools can enhance teaching and learning.

One standout feature of this channel is its practical, hands-on tutorials that walk you through the setup and use of various Google tools. Additionally, you’ll find inspiring case studies from schools around the world that highlight innovative ways educators are using Google products to transform their teaching practices and improve student engagement.

To get the most out of this channel, we recommend using the G Suite app, which provides seamless integration with Google’s educational tools. Stay updated with the latest tips, tricks, and new apps to support your personal development and take your tech skills to the next level.

Explore Google for Education

This channel is an invaluable resource for any teacher looking to enhance their digital literacy and bring their classroom into the 21st century.

Teachers Pet

The name says it all – Teachers Pet is a go-to channel for educators looking for fun, quick, and engaging science videos. Created by a passionate science teacher from California, this channel offers a wealth of resources that you can enjoy, modify, and use freely in your classroom. The videos cover a broad range of science topics, from basic concepts to more complex theories, making science accessible and enjoyable for students of all ages.

What sets Teachers Pet apart is the quality and creativity of its content. Each video is crafted to not only explain scientific concepts clearly but also to engage students with visually appealing animations and real-world applications. The channel’s bite-sized videos are perfect for introducing new topics, reinforcing lessons, or sparking curiosity in your students.

One particularly popular series is the “Science Experiment Shorts,” where the teacher demonstrates simple yet fascinating experiments that you can easily replicate in your classroom. These videos not only help students understand scientific principles but also encourage hands-on learning and critical thinking.

Visit Teachers Pet

For any science teacher looking to bring excitement and engagement to their lessons, Teachers Pet is a fantastic resource.

TED – Ed:

TED-Ed is an educational initiative from the creators of the well-known TED Talks, designed to spark curiosity and inspire lifelong learning. The TED-Ed YouTube channel offers a wide range of high-quality, animated video lessons that bring complex subjects to life. Each video is crafted with the help of talented animators and educators, ensuring that the content is not only informative but also visually engaging and thought-provoking.

On TED-Ed, you’ll find video lessons that cover a vast array of topics, from literature and history to science and philosophy. These videos are perfect for enhancing your classroom lessons, offering students a fresh and dynamic way to explore new ideas. For example, the video “Einstein’s Twin Paradox” delves into the fascinating concept of time dilation, while “Can You Solve the Riddle?” challenges students with engaging puzzles that develop critical thinking skills.

The channel also features interactive elements, such as questions and discussions, that you can use to facilitate classroom conversations and deepen students’ understanding of the material. Each video comes with supplementary resources that provide further reading and exploration opportunities.

Discover TED-Ed

Whether you’re looking to introduce new concepts or inspire a love of learning in your students, TED-Ed is a treasure trove of educational content.

Teacher Cast

Teacher Cast, created and hosted by Jeff Bradbury, is a comprehensive resource for educators seeking professional development and insights into educational technology. Jeff Bradbury, an experienced educator and tech enthusiast, shares his expertise through a variety of content, including podcasts, tutorials, and webinars. The Teacher Cast YouTube channel is an extension of this platform, offering a wealth of videos that cover everything from tech tips to in-depth discussions on educational trends.

On this channel, you’ll find a plethora of resources designed to help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms effectively. Jeff’s tutorials cover a wide range of tools and platforms, including Google Apps, Microsoft Office, and various educational software. He also hosts interviews with experts in the field, providing valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations in education.

One of the standout features of Teacher Cast is its focus on free professional development. The channel offers numerous webinars and workshops that teachers can participate in, covering topics such as digital literacy, classroom management, and innovative teaching strategies. By subscribing to Teacher Cast, you’ll gain access to a community of educators dedicated to continuous learning and professional growth.

Subscribe to Teacher Cast

For teachers looking to stay ahead of the curve and continually enhance their teaching practice, Teacher Cast is an invaluable resource.

  • Primary School Teacher: These YouTube channels are valuable resources for primary school teachers, offering a wide range of content tailored to young learners.
  • Educational Videos: Each channel provides high-quality educational videos that are both informative and engaging.
  • Carefully Curated Educational Videos: Our list includes carefully curated educational videos to ensure you get the best content available.
  • YouTube Channels: YouTube channels like these are essential for teachers looking to expand their teaching repertoire.
  • YouTube Channel: Each YouTube channel listed here has unique offerings that cater to different teaching needs and styles.
  • Best Teacher YouTube Channels: This selection represents some of the best teacher YouTube channels available today.
  • Teacher YouTube Channels: These teacher YouTube channels offer a mix of humor, technology tips, and subject-specific content.
  • Teacher YouTube: Engaging with teacher YouTube channels can provide new insights and inspiration for your classroom.
  • Grade Teacher: No matter what grade you teach, these channels offer valuable resources to enhance your teaching.
  • World Class Education: Access to these channels can contribute to providing world-class education for your students.
  • Creating Lessons Worth Sharing: Use these channels as inspiration for creating lessons worth sharing with your students and colleagues.
  • Lesson Planning: These YouTube channels can assist with lesson planning, offering new ideas and methods to incorporate into your curriculum.
  • Educational Bloggers: Some of the hosts are also educational bloggers, providing even more content and resources beyond their videos.
  • Project Based Learning: Channels like Teacher Cast offer insights into project-based learning, helping you implement these strategies in your classroom.
  • Go To Resource: Each channel is a go-to resource for different aspects of teaching and professional development.
  • English Teacher: English teachers can find specific resources and inspiration from channels like TED-Ed and others.
  • Lettered Classroom: Gerry Brooks’ channel could be particularly appealing to teachers looking to add humor and practical advice to their lettered classroom environment.
  • TED-Ed Animations: TED-Ed’s high-quality animations make complex topics accessible and engaging for students.
  • Kinderhearted Classroom: Channels like Teachers Pet offer resources that can create a kinderhearted classroom through engaging and fun science videos.
  • Great Ideas: These channels are full of great ideas that can help rejuvenate your teaching practice and inspire your students.

We hope these channels inspire and assist you in your teaching journey. Happy exploring!

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