YouTube channels for teachers

There are literally hundreds of YouTube channels for teachers at the moment with many more starting up. We thought we should make your life easier, so we culled down the massive list to just seven.

Here are our top 7 YouTube channels for you to explore:

Gerry Brooks

Gerry Brooks is a head teacher that has turned into a YouTube sensation that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. One of our favorite videos is:

Try the hand gesture hoedown is amazing!!

Google for education

We recommend using the G Suite app to get the most out of this channel. Here you will find lots of great information on Google products, tutorials and case studies from Google schools. This site will update you on tips, tricks and new apps to support your personal development.

Teachers Pet

I guess then name for this channel was inevitable. This channel is full of quick science videos made by a science teacher in California for you to enjoy, modify and use freely!

TED – Ed:

Here you will find video lessons that inspire curiosity in the classroom. These high quality videos offer engaging animations to tell the story of this like Einstein’s Twin Paradox and testing your riddle solving skills

Teacher Cast

Jeff Bradbury hosts he TeacherCast podcast, and a few others, AND shares tons of resources, tutorials and webinars through a YouTube Channel. Subscribe and gain new insights into tech and free professional development

What are your thoughts about our list?

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