Making the Most of Tutors

School children have had an unprecedented time out from school, with some experts estimating up to a third due to loss of contact time, illness, and isolation. One answer is getting in great tutors to boost learning. But how do you make sure you’re getting good tutors to deliver a great service? Follow our top tips.

Focus on short bursts

Tutors shouldn’t be the answer to all resourcing and teaching needs. Instead you need high quality tutors to come in for a short period to boost education and attainment. If you need a longer term solution, consider a supply teacher or recruiting for a full time teacher.

Have a structured programme

Give your tutors specific and measurable goals that fit into a structured programme of education. There will be attainment levels to reach and exams to pass, and tutors should be made aware of what these are so they can develop an educational plan to achieve them.

Build measurement and evaluation in

Once you’ve got your targets and goals, make sure you are regularly assessing progress against them. This ensures you can both celebrate the wins and redirect resources or adjust processes and systems if something isn’t going according to your plan. 

Communicate benefits to parents

Let parents know what you are doing and why tutoring can be so beneficial for their children. This is especially important if tutoring is taking place online at home. The more people you have on board and bought in, the smoother the process will go.

Pick tutoring partners whose values align with yours

Make sure that your tutor is someone who will be liked and respected at your school and fits in with school values and ethos. If you’re all working towards the same goals and with the same mindset the process will be much smoother. They also might want to stick around for longer!

Have a fresh voice

Let your tutor have a fresh voice and come up with new ideas. It’s ok to do things a bit differently. In fact, that’s what you want. Newness and vitality can work wonders in the classroom.

Recruit quality 

It can be difficult to recruit great teachers and tutors. Working with a reputable recruiter such as Impact Teachers ensures that you get the right person for the job, with all the checks and balances done to ensure that they can support your students.

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