Dating a Teacher 101: Either get on board, or keep moving

I’ve come to the conclusion that, unless your partner is also a teacher, dating is almost close to impossible…here are my reasons why:

Number 1

“It’s a school night” is taken very seriously as an adult. When you were a kid, this phrase was laughable. As an adult, sleep can be the most exciting thing in the world. After a year on the job, the Uni days and Wednesday all-nighters, turning up to class hungover and just dealing with it is a distant memory. Being hungover and having 30 students hang on your every word is pure torture. So date nights and long nights are usually a no go and on the weekdays it is laughable.

Number 2

Movie nights and bedtime reading can become research, especially if you’re an English teacher – we’ve got to keep up to date and relevant – contextual learning. Yes, that’s right, you guessed it – “Hunger Games” and “Divergent”. Learn to like it, get involved it will just be easier on everyone.

Number 3.1

Holidays – The holidays teachers do get only correspond with other teachers and their students. Anyone with a normal job is still working, if you are dating a teacher you have no choice on when you would like to go on holiday. Being the school holidays there will also be kids everywhere, get over it!

Number 3.2

Holidays – there will definitely be at least one argument about working 9-3, countless holidays in which we do nothing – cue rant…

Number 4

When in the serious relationship stage and you’re thinking about kids, names are harder and harder to agree on

No, not Leigh. She’s an annoying little b at school

Number 5

Sundays are not lazy days – they are planning afternoons. Sometimes very stressed and rushed planning afternoons but don’t you dare tell a teacher that they should have done it earlier, you WILL be sleeping on the couch.

Number 6

This picture says it all…

Number 7

Going away on holiday isn’t cheap. The only available time will be peak time so guess what people, double the price and double the crowds…midweek skiing is out of the question. Planning for time off during term time is a lot more effort than simply going to work when you teach.

Number 8

Going out in public is the hardest thing and will probably be avoided whenever possible. No, it’s not anything to do with you. Everywhere you go, you’re bound to see a student. HIDE!

If you still choose to date a teacher despite my warnings (it must be love) then all the best to you. Enjoy your early nights, your expensive holidays and all 3 movies in the hunger games trilogy.

Contribution from Alexandra Drabczynska.  For more in our blog series click here!

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