School? 5 Top tips to get you back into schedule & the school year!

The alarm clock sounds…those sweet six weeks of summer break are over and it’s back to school time for you and the kids.  If you are dreading going back to school and have already pressed the snooze button 3 times don’t worry, Impact Teachers is here to help!  Read our top 5 tips to get back to schedule and into the school year.

Tip 1: Rest up!

If you are already back and still doing those late nights like the summer holidays now is the time to stop.  It’s time to get back into schedule and getting up in the morning at 6AM is much harder when you’ve been up till midnight binge watching Netflix.  Start going to bed a little earlier each day until you find the point that’s right for you.  It’s back to school so that means avoiding too much of a busy social schedule on school nights.  Remember half term is just around the corner.

Tip 2: Get yourself organized

Having as much ready to go for the academic year as possible will save you a lot of time throughout each term.  This means having your lessons planned, your materials ready and your classroom the way you want it.  Although it’ll take a little time at the beginning you’ll appreciate the time you took to get yourself organized. If you don’t get into the habit early of marking and planning now it will be much harder as the year goes on.

Tip 3: Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

When it comes to lunch that is.  Having to buy lunch each day or prepare it every evening is a drain on your limited free time.  So be prepared.  Get yourself some Tupperware and spend some time on Friday getting prepared for the week, if meal prep isn’t your thing try making big meals for dinner and taking the leftovers for lunch.  There are hundreds of make ahead recipes out there so spend a little time on google and save a lot of time each evening.  You’ll have marking and work to do at home and preparation will save you time and money on takeaways!

Tip 4: Take the time to talk to your colleagues

You need to take some time to get to know your colleagues if you are new to the school.  If you’re just heading back to school for another year and you have new teachers joining take the time to reach out to them.  School can be tough and it’s much easier to get through the day, especially if it’s been a hard day, if you have a good bond with your colleagues and people you can talk to for advice.   If you’re new it’s especially important to seek out the veteran teachers – they know the way the school runs and can help you kick start your career.

Tip 5: Plan for your first break

It’s good to have something to look forward too especially if you’re new to your school or even to the country.  Make a plan for half term – somewhere to go to for a few days or something fun to do with friends.  The first half term will be tiring as you get back into the swing of things so having something to look forward to can really help you make it through those tough days.

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