Canadian Teacher in London – A Canada perspective

Teaching in the UK, a Canadian perspective


Moving to the UK was a massive decision! However, an adventure that many of my teaching friends have undertaken with no regrets. My choice of agency was just as big of a decision. Impact Teachers was the agency I decided was the best fit for me because of the support they had in place for me to make the move a lot easier. They offered all the bonuses (which are nice), but it was that finding the right role is so important and they really listened. I have been in the UK and teaching at a lovely primary school in South London since September.


Why the UK?

Knowing that Europe is so accessible was certainly appealing. I have been able to travel as well as gain invaluable teaching experience by teaching a new curriculum, learning new teaching strategies and collaborating with other colleagues on unit plans and schemes of work. Through meeting Impact Teachers staff and going to their events, I met some great friends from all different nationalities.


What are the schools like?

I must admit that it can be a mixed bag. However, I was able to find the right fit for me. My consultant at Impact was Falen; she is a teacher herself and taught in the UK for more than 3 years. She was able to identify the right school for me, completely prepare me for my interview and answer any questions I had big or small. I am so grateful!


What has been the most exciting experience?

For me it is the small things, being able to help children and seeing how happy they are while learning so much and developing my craft as a teacher. Being here has certainly made me realise how happy I am to have chosen such a great career.

Also… how could you not love London?!!


What advice would you offer?

Have fun!! Collaborate with your colleagues. You will make loads of friends and don’t be shy to say hi or ask for help.


Where would you recommend other teachers go travelling?

So far, I have been to Italy, Greece, and France and in the next holiday break, I will be going to Amsterdam! I would highly recommend Italy, wonderful people, pizza, pasta and of course gelato!!!



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