9 Simple Rules All Teachers should live by

Rules… that’s how we have fun right?! All jokes aside, we believe that by following these “rules” you will greatly improve your teaching experience.

  1. Be reflective everyday – Like life, teaching is a journey of self-discovery. You need to be humble and willing to learn from your interactions with students and colleagues. By doing so, you will create the opportunity to improve your teaching and build relationships
  2. Be prepared – Without preparation you will make your teaching life way more difficult than it needs to be. Put the time in, create lesson plans you are proud, engage with pupils and provide valuable feedback.
  3. Listen – Like the saying goes “you have one mouth and two ears for a reason”. Listening is a skill that is developed, people in general wait till their turn to speak, they hear the other person, but they do not actually listen. The power of listening can never be overstated.
  4. Be Flexible – nothing goes exactly the way you planned it. The planned strategy is subject to change, most of the time for the better. The best moments in teaching are born through spontaneity, embrace change rather than resist it.
  5. Protect yourself – #selfcare cannot be underestimated, we can without considering the ramifications, just give too much of ourselves. This has detrimental effects if not caught early enough. You are more than a teacher. Create those boundaries so that you remain a great teacher.
  6. Be clear on expectations – This is true for any work place environment. Be clear of what is expected and create an environment that facilities these expectations. Children like boundaries, it gives them a sense of direction and calm. There is nothing worse than ambiguity.
  7. Encourage “out of the box” thinking – critical and creative thinking is what we need in today’s world. Pupils should be encouraged to think beyond the standard and push for new and innovate perspectives. This is the type of thinking that is needed to solve the complex problems life will throw at them.
  8. Keep up to date – like in all professions, new ideas and pedagogy evolve. How things are done change constantly and you are responsible for educating yourself.
  9. Have Fun!!!

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