Your teacher has been pinged – what next?

It was going to happen eventually. A teacher has been pinged and has to self isolate. Someone has come down with COVID-19 and is off work. Or even it’s winter, and flu has hit hard. What do you do when you have a classroom full of students eager to learn, and no one to teach?

Have a partner by your side

When you need a supply teacher fast you want to make sure you have experts on your side. Impact Teachers have a roster of great teachers lined up and ready to support schools of all shapes and sizes. You’ve got enough to do without recruiting a teacher, so knowing you have an agency you can trust with the education of your students is invaluable.

Regular cover

If you know there’s a cover teacher who is outstanding, it’s worth making sure your agency know this. They can try to make sure that teacher comes in again and works with a school they have thrived in.

Plan ahead

It might not always be coronavirus, but at some point a teacher will need to take some leave. Make sure that robust lesson planning is a normal part of your teacher’s working practices, so that even if they have to step away for a few days, education continues. 

Remember online

During the pandemic and lockdown, teachers taught online, without too many hitches. See if you can use technology in the classroom in innovative ways with video calls or email catch-ups, if face to face teaching isn’t an option.

Think cross-departmental

If you’ve embraced cross-departmental and project learning you’ll know that a student can keep learning even outside of their usual curriculum plan. They pick up literacy skills in History, and learn about science in PE. There are always opportunities to share resources and learning. 

Don’t panic

Sickness happens. As long as you’re well prepared and have the resources you need to ensure education and wellbeing continues, your students will be fine. 

Are you looking to recruit for the coming school year? We have some fantastic candidates looking for work, book a call with Nathan today to discuss your needs.

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