Top 5 Places to Visit in England

Have you been in the UK for a little while now?  Been working in London or already visited?  Thinking about a change of scenery for a few days or a place to get away over one of the long weekends?  Then we are here to help.  Check out our recommendations below on the Top 5 places to visit in England (outside of London)!

Number 1: Visit Brighton

brighton impact teachers Brighton Marine Palace and Pier is popular tourist attraction and a great place to visit.

A great place to visit as the warmer weather starts to creep in (what happened to those lovely few days of sun just a couple of weeks ago?), Brighton is an eclectic mix of old and new with a place to sun yourself when the sun makes its way through the clouds.  With its famous peer, offering a place to enjoy the amusements and rides to The Lanes with its historic old buildings, great food and shops Brighton has something for everyone. The Pier is great fun to be a big kid and in the Christmas season they have an outdoor ice rink.  In addition, if you are based in London or close by it is just under an hours train ride away.  So why not check it out next time you are looking for a new place to visit in the England.

Number 2: Visit Bath

A bit further afield Bath is a city with a long history and will only take you 1.5 to get there.  Sitting in rolling green countryside it offers you a break from the hustle and bustle of London and other more metropolitan cities.  With its famous Roman Baths to visit, (there are plenty of references to Romans around the city) you will be whisked back in time to see some amazing Roman structures.  However, you cannot enjoy the baths themselves and trust as you wouldn’t want too, but you can do so at the more modern thermal spa just down the road (make sure you book ahead to avoid disappointment).  Alternatively, for all fans of English Literature, Bath was also home to Jane Austen for a time and fans can visit the Jane Austen centre for a chance to immerse themselves in life at the time of her writing.

If you’re making the trip out to Bath think about visiting Stonehenge, there are a few tour companies that offer a day trip to both or you can hire a car. You can walk to Stonehenge and stand a little further away without paying to look at a giant pile of rocks or you can pay to be closer and have a coach drive you, the choice is yours.

Number 3: Visit Oxford

Another short trek from London lies Oxford, there are multiple options to get there be it by bus or train.   Most famous for having one of the oldest and top Universities in the UK, Oxford is a beautiful city architecturally, with numerous gardens, museums and a castle to boot.  Why not enjoy a punt along the river – they can be rented from a number of boathouses – or check out the famous Bridge of Sighs close to the Bodleian Library which is similar to the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.

Number 4: Visit York

york impact teachers York Minster looms over downtown York. Come and Visit!

2 hours on the train from London (or a much longer but probably cheaper bus ride) takes you to York – a city steeped in history and a Viking past.  There is an annual Viking festival each year where full dress up and combat performances take place alongside walks and tours.  If that doesn’t take your fancy, York is also big on ghosts and ghouls and there are many night time walking tours to explore the cities haunted history.  Head along the shambles to see a taste of York from years ago, the beers are good too!  Alternatively pop by and see the beautiful York Minster – a site to see from inside and out.

Number 5: Visit Lincoln

Linkan impact teachers
Visit Steep Hill in Lincoln city centre – the descent’s much easier on the legs

Our final stop takes us to Lincoln – nestled in the east midlands less than 2 hours from London. Lincoln is a pretty Cathedral City with cobbled streets, little shops and tea shops, a waterfront and of course (given it’s a Cathedral City) a beautiful cathedral built over 700 years ago.  Give Steep Hill a try and reward yourself when you reach the top with a bite to eat at one of a number of independent restaurants that sit at the top.  Be careful on your descent though if you have had more than one tipple you may topple.

Remember – make sure you book ahead if you want cheaper travel.  The UK is known for being quite pricey when it comes to travel prices so make sure you check out sites such as the Trainline and Megabus where you can often pick up discounted travel.

Let us know your favourite places to visit in England and keep tuned for more in our blog series.

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