Secret England – Top 5 Places to Visit

So you’ve visited all the obvious tourist destinations in the UK.  You’ve also hit up all the top secret places to visit in our blog – Secret London!  Then it’s time to get those hiking boots back on and head out on the open road to visit our top 5 secret places to visit in England!


pexels-anastasia-shuraeva-4994138-min Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean


Secret Number 1 – Puzzlewood

Visit this ancient woodland site in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire called Puzzlewood.  Reported to be Tolkein’s inspiration for middle earth Puzzlewood is a unique area set over 14 acres of woodland.  It has winding paths, mossy rocks, twisted trees and deep ravines. This wood has even played host to television shows such as Dr Who, Merlin and Atlantis. A beautiful place to spend a few hours and forget about the hustle and bustle of London.

Secret Number 2 – Longleat Hedge Maze

Head to Longleat in Wiltshire for a day out at the safari park.  But the safari park isn’t the only thing there.  Longleat is also home to a large hedge maze that is almost two miles in length and said to be the longest hedge maze in the world, it can take a guest over an hour to get through the maze and reach the middle! Longleat has something for everyone there are 4×4 safari rides, VIP packages and Lions and Tigers and Aardvarks, Oh My!

Secret Number 3 – St George’s Distillery

Time for a tipple!  Do you like whisky?  Well then head to St Georges Distillery in Norfolk.  The newest distillery in over a 100 years in England St George’s offers tours every hour and tasting opportunities to members of the public at their distillery in Roudham.  See how Whisky is made whilst enjoying a taster or two.  The Whisky is made with local ingredients as well so you know you’re supporting a small local business and community.


distillery impact teachers Barnard Castle over the River Tees


Secret Number 4 – Barnard Castle

Why not take a trip to the northeast to visit our next secret stop – Barnard Castle.  A 12th century castle founded by Bernard de Balliol, the castle sits high up above the River Tees offering amazing views of the Tees Gorge and the market town that sits alongside.  Once you are finished looking round the castle head to the market town especially if you like looking for a unique find in one of the towns many antique shops.

Secret Number 5 – St Michael’s Mount

A small island off the coast of Cornwall with a community still living there, St Michael’s Mount is not just any island.  You can of course reach it by boat but why not plan your timings right and you can walk across a granite walkway at the right time of day when the tide is out to reach the island on  foot.  Containing both a medieval church and castle, this is a chance to explore a unique area of England that is said to have been built by a giant called Cormoran.

That’s it for our Secret England blog.  Now get exploring! Let us know if you have found any hidden gems that should be added to this list. 

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