Teaching hacks to help build children’s confidence

One of the most rewarding parts of being a teacher is the opportunity you have to positively impact the confidence of your pupils. Through learning, new experiences, and advice you have a unique opportunity to help your pupils develop a sense of self-awareness and learn more about their own skills and talents as they grow in confidence.

It can at times feel like an overwhelming responsibility to inspire and encourage a classroom or year group of bright young minds, but with our hacks below you’ll be helping your pupils to develop their confidence in every area of their lives.

Goal setting

One thing many of us as adults actively engage in is goal setting across many different areas of our lives. Depending on the age group of pupils you teach, this may not always be appropriate, but working with your class and asking them to set goals at the start of the school year, or term can be a great way to start them reflecting on their own personal passions.

You could ask each pupil to come up with three goals, one related to their school work, one related to something personal to them – which could be outside of school – and one relating to a hobby they have, such as a sport or a musical instrument. Working with your pupils throughout the school year to help them achieve their goals, will be a huge leap forward for them in building their confidence.


When it comes to sport or PE, depending on ability level, some children find the experience a huge boost to their confidence, and others find it a hindrance. But by making sport and exercise fun, every child can learn new skills and experience the positive endorphins that come with it, which will ultimately help to boost their confidence.

Inspire their minds

If you teach a form group or have time with your class aside from teaching them, take the opportunity to inspire their minds. You could lead the first month of weekly inspiration sessions by introducing books, films, music, travel or stories from around the world, to introduce new ideas to your children to stretch their imaginations.

After you have run the first few sessions, you could encourage your pupils to tell their classmates about interesting things they’re interested in. Encouraging the class to show everyone’s ideas respect by listening and engaging in topics important to their peers will teach them great skill, helping to build their confidence along the way.

If you want more amazing teaching hacks to help you have your best year of teaching yet, read the rest of our blogs for more ideas.

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