4 Technology Teaching Hacks You Need to Try

There’s an art to great teaching, but any teacher knows that the school day can be long and tiring. However, there are a number of ways that teachers can use technology as a teaching hack to make the day at least a little bit easier.

Here are four technology teaching hacks that we recommend you use in the classroom:

1. Set up ‘preparation screens’ before class starts

This works great if your classroom has a digital whiteboard in it, but you can also use a television or even a laptop. A ‘preparation screen’ can be set up before students enter the classroom to display information about the class ahead and get them prepared. It can include information such as which textbooks and stationary they will need, the subject of the class and even some small facts to get them in the mood for learning. This technology teacher hack can save you valuable time at the beginning of your class.

2. Use social media to engage the children

Now, we’re not recommending you add all of the children on Facebook, but there are ways that you can use social media to engage the children safely. For example, Instagram has many accounts with great photographs of different countries that can get your children excited about Geography and expand their horizons. The format alone is guaranteed to get their attention. The same can be applied to many other subjects, as there are educational social media channels for many purposes.

3. Use mobile devices as teaching aids

iPads, tablets and smartphones can be a great way to get the children interested in education. There are hundreds of educational apps and games that you can use as teaching materials, many of which are certified by examination boards. Try separating the students into groups and ask them to compete and collaborate with each other to ensure they still maintain a healthy level of communication with one another.

4. Communicate with parents via private Facebook groups

You can set up a private group on Facebook to maintain simple and effective communication with your students’ parents. It only takes minutes to set up and you will seem like the most tech savvy teacher there is. You can use it to post pictures of the children learning and keep parents informed about what they are working on and homework requirements etc. Many parents will appreciate the regular updates on their children, and this will especially help those parents whose children are at school for the first time.
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