Should teachers accept gifts?

They have worked tremendously hard all year, should a little appreciation be shown in some way… yes!

Most would agree that teachers do wonders in difficult situations, however, accepting gifts can be complicated and be stressful for both parents and students. Not all families have the financial means to purchase a gift and if it is an accepted custom, children could feel embarrassed if a gift is not bought or is not as big or expensive as others.

Some schools have adopted a policy which could stipulate any of the following rules regarding gifts – should a gift be bought, it cannot be above a particular amount, no gifts are accepted or it’s up to the teacher.

Parents may wish to show their appreciation, however it most likely that it is the pupil who has appreciated the teachers work or even feels like they deserve something to make up for their negative behaviour.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to show gratitude, but what options do schools, parents and pupils have?


  1. Schools can put a policy in place underlying the conditions of gift giving and its appropriateness
  2. Have a sponsored event for school improvements and ask for anonymous donations at the end of the year thus providing a different platform of appreciation
  3. A simple thank you goes a long way. Words are more powerful than any gift, in fact, it would be the best thing you can do. Just say “thank you”!
  4. Make a gift, these generally melt the heart of the teacher. Knowing that time and energy went into something special is very much appreciated.


Expecting nothing as a teacher is always the best policy, it is your job at the end of the day. If nothing is expected then it is always a pleasant surprise to receive a little something as a token of appreciation. Especially wine, we all know you need it!


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