Setting yourself up for success in the new year

A new year is here. But how as a teacher can you set yourself up for success? We at Impact Teachers as a great teaching agency in the UK have loads of ideas as to how to make this year the best year yet.

Time to reflect

The end of any year is always a good time to sit back and think about what’s gone on throughout the year. Taking the time to consider the good and bad parts of your teaching job, and learning from them both is a great way to move forward and think about the future. Perhaps you made some New Years Resolutions way back at the beginning of 2022. How did they go? How long did they last? Are they worth repeating? Being honest with yourself, understanding what went right/wrong with previous goals and resolutions can help you make positive changes.

Rest and relaxation

Being a teacher is fun and rewarding, but teaching jobs also bring their own stresses. Make this year the that you prioritise rest and relaxation. For some people this might look like an early night, whereas for others it’s treating themselves to their favourite coffee and hot drink in a cosy cafe every weekend. You need downtime in order to be at your best in your teaching job, so put it in your diary like you would any other appointment and stick to it. 

Plan your lessons

Get the Sunday scaries the night before the school week starts? The best way to help alleviate this is to make sure you plan ahead. Sit down and make a plan for the term, month, week and lesson. Knowing what’s on the agenda will make it easier to deliver against your targets. It’s usually best to make a detailed written plan, something to refer back to help you stick to your goals. Even a check list series of aims can give you those small steps to achieve one at a time, building up to the bigger picture.

Think about exams

Exams might be a summer affair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about them in January. Help your students achieve their potential by mapping out where they want to get to and what steps need to be taken to get there. Start with the big goal and ask ‘what do I need to do to get there? And what can I do this month, this week, today?’ From small steps come great things.

Make a small wins diary

Do you ever have that nagging voice you’re just not good enough? We all do at times. Set up a document on your computer, a have a notebook in your bag where you jot down the small wins, compliments you get and successes that you achieve. When you’re feeling low, stressed or overworked, it’s great to look back on for an added boost.

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