Our Trip to India – 2018 – Thursday

“A smart teacher is someone who uses this opportunity as professional development for themselves, while using their skills to help other teachers grow for the future”.

With yesterday being a public holiday in Delhi, today was a busy one. All of the volunteers were keen and eager to get going with observations this morning and ensure all of our teachers got as much as they could from the day. The first school we went to was JGM.  Carys, Kayley, Ricky and Sharon observed the teachers they had been working with all week. Everyone couldn’t get over how quick the teachers implemented the feedback from the seminars, and how much progress has been made in just three days.

On the way to the second school we got caught up in a major traffic jam.  We were at a standstill for over 40 minutes and the roads were completely blocked. We finally made it just on time to Adharshila Convent School. The headteacher is always so welcoming and wants the absolute best for both his teachers and students. The children there shared birthday treats with us, which was so thoughtful and sweet considering the fact that they don’t have much to give. I sat in and watched Sharon work with the standard one group.  It was amazing to see the kids so engaged and excited to learn. They sang “Row row row your boat” and it brought a tear to my eye to see the children all laughing and dancing together.

Our last stop of the day was City Modern Public School, where we had a great conversation with the headteacher. He brought us coffee and treats and gave us a brief background about the school. The school opened 15 years ago from nothing in a rented building.  Today it has 800 students in two separate buildings. He is so proud of his school and hopes to expand in the future. Carys, Kayleigh, Ricky and Sharon observed various lessons, and were very excited to give feedback to the teachers.

2:30pm came around and the teachers started to arrive for the feedback and seminar sessions. Today was definitely the biggest group of teachers we’ve had all week, and the hall was full of buzzing teachers ready to get feedback. After the feedback sessions, all the teachers gathered around for Ellie, Kayleigh and Can’s seminar on Scaffolding and Extensions. The Indian teachers were very engaged by the topic and had lots of great questions to ask.

Tomorrow is our last day with the teachers and schools, which means we we have one day left to make an impact, I can’t believe how fast this week has gone. I really wish we had more time here. We are heading to Dilly Hart market tonight to get some outfits for tomorrow celebrations, here’s to our last day!

Contribution from Mary Flynn.  Want to read more about our trip – read here!

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