New Delhi Teacher Training – July 2015 | The Final Day

Our final day with our teachers! I was so proud to see my two teachers smash it today. In fact all three of the teachers I have been working with this week scored perfect marks in their final assessment. It was so cool to see them putting in so much effort to produce such engaging and challenging lessons for their students. The teachers and students were enjoying themselves and it was clear to see that the students are thriving in the variety of lessons that are being delivered.
With all the hard work now complete it was time for us to enjoy ourselves a bit. The whole Impact crew got dressed up in their traditional Indian gear that we brought on the first day to attend the teacher prize giving. We got quite the positive reaction from our teachers when they saw us all dressed like locals! The seminar prior to the prize giving was a lot of fun. Andrea delivered a music lesson that got the whole room up and singing and dancing. The teachers loved it and shared a lot of their own Indian songs which was awesome.
The prize giving was really nice and it was cool to see how proud each teacher was when they received their certificates. It was pretty special to see how thankful and happy each one of them was. After the prize giving it was nice to spend some time with our teachers exchanging contact details and taking some photos. In fact we took a lot of photos. So many photos. I think it is the most photos I have ever been in such a short amount of time! It was very touching to receive small gifts from each of our teachers. They were all so thankful and sad that we were going.
The whole Impact team is completely exhausted after this week, but we couldn’t be happier. It was such an amazing week full of noise, colour, new faces, sweat, and good food. The teachers and students we had the privilege of working with this week have made a huge impression on all of us. I feel proud that I was able to offer some help and guidance, but more importantly I have learnt so much from these people that I will take away with me too.
I take my hat off to the whole Impact team, Diana, Kira, Livea, Sandra, Andrea, Regene, Derek and Aidan. You are all amazing teachers and better people. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Last but by no means not least, a huge acknowledgement needs to go out to Alison, who has become one of my favourite people of all time, her experience, good humour and leadership held us together and guided the entire trip.

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