First day of final exam observations. I was nervous for the teachers today so I can only imagine how they were feeling! After almost a week our driver has finally got his route sorted and for the first time we were actually early today.
The observations got off to a shaky start but by the time we had got around to all of our teachers we were pretty happy. My teacher pulled out all the stops and smashed her lesson out of the park. She has a class of 48 students and has been steadily improving day to day. It was amazing to see here applying all the advice I had given through the week. She did such a good job and I was happy to give her full marks. Before leaving the lesson she had all her students turn around and sing me a welcome to India song. Very nice.
The seminar for today was brilliantly delivered by Derek who deserves a special mention because he was very ill all day. He did not complain once, and wanted to do his seminar so badly that he just toughed it out, casually excusing himself to throw up between activities. He showed true dedication and just did what it took to get the job done. Legend.
The team is very excited about the progress of our teachers and have now assessed half of them. Tomorrow we will do the rest as it will be our final day, but so far it is looking likely that most of our teachers have done enough to pass. A few of the team are feeling a bit tired and run down, but there is no negativity, everyone is still being really positive and enjoying what we are doing. Once again the food has been brilliant and tonight we were even treated to ice-cream. Result.

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