Starting to plan what crafts to do in the class for mother’s day coming up? Look no further! We have trawled through the internet to find the best crafts to try this year. There is always the old faithful hand butterfly or hand flowers but these are a bit more adventurous if you’re up for it!

I love you this much

A cute and simple card option, make sure to use safety scissors.

loe you card impact teachers

For instructions click here

Petal Soap

This one is perhaps a little on the pricey side because you do need soap compound but it is well worth it for something mum can actually get some use out of.

petal card impact teachers

For instructions click here

Mother’s Day card

This is a very effective card and so easy to do by writing in white crayon and painting over it!

mothers day card impact teachers

I love you to pieces

Another simple yes effective card option

love pieces impact teachers

For instructions click here

Candle Holder

This candle holder can be decorated in any way but a hand print is a great idea! Another option is to just use the clay and handprint but put a magnet on the back for a ‘handy’ fridge magnet.

candel holder impace teachers

For instructions click here

Egg carton flower card

Who doesn’t love a 3D Card? This involves cutting and painting and plenty of fun. If you are trying this with younger kids it may be a good idea to cut out the majority of the flowers yourself and they can paint the petals and the flower stems.

egg cartoon impact teachers

For instructions click here

Heart corner book mark

As if a mum gets any quiet alone time to read! Nonetheless, this is a fun idea for older kids as it is origami anhead this can be quite tricky for younger ones.

heart corner book design impact teachers

For instructions click here

Mother’s Day Candle

Time to use all those broken candles the kids refuse to use anymore and decorate a candle to light up mums world. As the students to all bring in a white candle and away you go!

mothers day candel impace teachers

For instruction click here

We hope you enjoy these ideas for something a little different this Mother’s Day. Send in the pictures of what your students create in class for mother’s day, we want to see it all the good the bad and the ugly!


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