Today everyone was up bright and early pumped and ready to go. Unfortunately a prominent figure here in India who was a former President and hugely respected has passed away and a national day of mourning has been called. As such many schools have been given the day off, resulting in around half the schools we were scheduled to visit today not being open.
Not to be deterred we had our Stir colleagues get on the phones to find out which schools were open and we decided to all go to every remaining school anyway and observe not only the teachers in the Impact program, but other teachers too. This was so eye opening. It is glaringly obvious who has had our Impact training and who has not. The teachers that are following our program are a country mile ahead of their colleagues. The most pleasing thing to see here was one school who has had their Impact teachers work with the remainder of the staff to up skill them. As such across the board, this whole school is doing very well.
One of the highlights today was that when we were waiting for our lunch to be delivered we met some local kids on the street and Aidan and I ended up getting into a game of street cricket with them! It was hilarious and all the neighbourhood kids gathered around to watch and play!
We then had our seminars and it was really nice to spend more time with our teachers and give them some quality feedback. They have also opened up a lot more and there was a lot of laughing banter and photo taking at the end of our session. It is hard not to get attached to our teachers, and I really do hope they all nail their assessments. It actually means so much to them and they keep all of their assessments and compare all their marks with their colleagues!

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