Master a Staycation this Summer

Summer is here and you haven’t had a proper vacation in months, but maybe this year you are not going to go abroad on vacation. While traveling to an exotic island seems like the perfect vacation, the truth is that this time of the year is the perfect time to stay at home and just relax. Who wants the stress of traveling through traffic to the airport while lugging around your suitcase just to realize that you left your phone charger at home and now your plane is delayed? Honestly, you can feel like you are on a vacation while staying at home, hence why a staycation is a perfect thing to do this summer. Below are some tips on how to master a staycation this holiday.

1 Give up on the chores

You’re on vacation so you don’t have to email your colleagues or make sure everything is organized and perfect for the next day. Leave all work-related tasks in the back of your mind and focus on just enjoying your staycation.

2 Check into a hotel

Now, this may seem silly but nothing shouts vacation than staying in a hotel. Staying at a hotel even in your city or a neighboring town will definitely give you the full vacation feel while staying at home. After all who doesn’t love ordering some room service and treating yourself to all the hotel amenities.

3 Go to a Spa

Going to get a massage or your nails done is seen as a must do on any vacation, so why not do it on your staycation too. You deserve after an intense school year to get those knots and all the stress in your back massaged away.

4 Dine out for dinner

Why cook a meal when you can go out for dinner and wine and dine yourself at local restaurants, or even take a trip to the restaurant you have been dying to try with a couple of friends. Use this Staycation to explore new places in your city and experience an ultimate dining out experience.

5 Explore your city

I bet you’ve walked past a few places in your city where you have wanted to go inside but never did. During your staycation is a perfect time to explore your city and all its attractions. So go to the theatre and see a show, or take a couple of friends out and try indoor mini-golfing, the whole point of a vacation is to try new things.

6 Rest

Unwinding and resting are very important in any vacation, so make sure you prioritize this on your staycation. The best-proven way to do this is through sleeping in and afternoon naps.

7 Ditch your phone

No staycation is complete without a bit of me time, so put your phone away and disconnect from the outside world. Instead, read a book, watch your favorite movie and just enjoy being on your staycation.

8 Brunch

Why wake up early and have breakfast when you could sleep in and have brunch instead.  Your staycation will never feel like a real vacation if you keep to your regular sleeping schedule, so throw it out the window and wake up when you want to.

9 Have the ultimate staycation wardrobe

Wear PJ’s all day or a ball gown, who cares. This is your vacation so dress comfy as you want in whatever you want, as long as you are enjoying your staycation.

10 Buy yourself a present

Written by Danielle Watts

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