Impact’s Trip to India – Days 6 & 7


Day 6

By Day 6 we were in our stride, and the week was almost up, with only one more day to go. The Indian teachers were showing real progress in their classes; we even caught a gorgeous rendition of ‘Baa Baa Black Sleep’ by one of the Reception classes. The feeling of seeing the teachers using the knowledge they had gained from the seminar the day before was indescribable. Zoe and Mariette out together today’s seminar, all about plenaries, and made use of some fantastic card based activities, which gave the Teachers some ideas for ones they can use in their classrooms. And they were even contributing ideas too, which meant we were able to learn some new tricks as well! Our evening consisted of preparing some departing gifts to give to our schools the next day and also wrapping up some of their assessments.

Day 7

Day 7 arrived and our time was up, however, what an amazing way to end what has been an incredible experience! With Diwali preparations brewing all week, we thought we might be in for a treat on Friday, and our schools did not disappoint one single bit! We stepped into our first school and were welcomed with a traditional Diwali school production put on by the students. The entire school were there to watch and were in awe of how amazing and beautiful the costumes were and how incredible the singing was. And the next thing you know, we were being pulled into dance circles with the teachers and were soon dancing away ourselves. We did our best to mimic the graceful moves of the ladies around us. We felt so welcomed and blessed to be a part of their celebrations and enjoyed the whole show along with all the students. We all felt like celebrities due to all of the selfies we were taking, with students and staff and I am sure we must have taken upwards of a hundred each!

The final seminar we delivered was a special one, it was an informal one, we were again greeted by music and cake along with dancing as we entered the school and were included in their Diwali celebrations. All the schools were adorned with colourful decorations, and we were extremely lucky enough to be involved in setting off some fireworks! We then played a variety of games to show how these can be integrated into to their lessons and we found ourselves in fits of laughter multiple times, especially when trying to untie our human knots! The day wound down with more food and dancing and included lots of hugs as we wished our teachers farewell until the next trip.

It was always going to be difficult to say goodbye, and I leave with regret, but I feel like we have all left India a little more humble and appreciative. This trip has certainly touched our Impact Teachers in a way that could never be described.

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