Half term: how not to waste your week off

Half term is coming up, and it’s the same old story – you have a week off; so long, yet so short. After the habitual bed and pj days needed after a long term, you’ve got time on your hands to do something enjoyable, which doesn’t involve work.

So what to do? Here’s Impact’s top tips on how to spend your valuable week off:

  1. Pamper days

No doubt you’re tired and in good need of a break. You’d be surprised but pamper days can be inexpensive (and no, you don’t need to go all out with the cucumber mask etc.). You can even do them at home with the TV on in the background. However, if you are in the mood of heading out for the day on your own or with a friend, there are some fantastic deals out there. Check out Treatwell and Groupon for the latest available near your local address.

  1. Six Nations Rugby fever – Wales v England

You don’t have to be a rugby fan to get behind this. With Six Nations 2019 fully underway, supporters are out in their masses. Get down to your local pub to join in the atmosphere and cheer on England when they verse Wales on Saturday 23rd February.

  1. Join us in Kenya!

OK, it might be a little late for you to join Impact on our current trip to Kenya, but we’re pretty excited here in the office. February Half Term sees the first of our Volunteer training programmes in Kenya. We’ve been lucky enough to support teachers out in Delhi for the past few year year, and now we’re expanding efforts in Kenya. If you’re keen to know what it’s all about or would like to register for one of our next trips, then click here!

  1. Short trips

It’s natural that you’re always tied to a budget, but there’s no reason you can do a bit of exploring, either locally or through Europe, on your week off. Even skiing, if you stay away from the famous ski fields in France, like Mont Blanc, then you can find some bargain deals waiting. Start at Ski Zoom to find the best ones.

You don’t have to be skier to find a great trip away. Europe is beautiful at this time of year, and there are some fantastic hidden treasures in England that you are yet to see. Have a look at what the Daily Telegraph as to say about Britain’s 50 greatest days out!

  1. Cheap Theatre Tickets

I find myself recommending this one a lot lately. When you have a week off, you can even try and see a matinee; there are more and more hits popping up in London that you can’t afford to miss. London Box Office is a good place to start, but there are plenty of other options for discounted tickets around.

  1. China Town – Year of the pig

The beginning of February saw celebrations to see in the year of the pig. Chinese New Year festivities are brilliant for how long they last and are always worth checking out. London’s China Town is vibrant and full of things to do, see and eat for everyone.

Of course, we’re not saying you must get out and explore this half term break; no one’s stopping you staying in with a good book or good binge on Netflix! Sometimes that’s all we need to rest and recharge.

Whatever you get up to during the week, enjoy the fact that you are away from school and you’ve actually got time for yourself!


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