Delhi newspaper coverage of our Overseas Teacher Training Trip

After the success of our Overseas Teacher Training Trip to India a local Delhi newspaper published this article about our work! We’ve translated some of it for everyone to see!


‘Impact Teachers is engaged in improving the standards of teaching in India and Uganda. 
One participant stated that some of the selected teachers were given certificates for implementing the new techniques in total discipline and Participated teachers were quite enthusiastic to achieve this certification.
Impact teacher’s staff and volunteers stated that in this exchange of ideas, they had also learned many new things. Impact Teachers and the their volunteers expressed and hoped that what they have learned in England, will also be implemented in classes in India.
Impact Teachers also expressed that they want to come back again in coming months to work on differentiated learning and school leadership kind of subjects with the same teachers and schools.
Similar events with Impact Teachers will be conducted in February, April, and July of 2015.’

You too can get involved in our future Overseas Training Trips, email [email protected] for more information about the upcoming trips!

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