It is the day before I leave to India and having spent a few hours packing last night the reality of what is about to happen has finally set in.

Having been so busy with the finishing up of the academic year, I haven’t really let myself think too much about my Indian adventure. However, now that the dust has settled I have suddenly realised how excited I actually am!

The excitement built last night as I dusted the cobwebs off my backpack to load it up with all the essentials for the trip. My two biggest worries at this stage are 1) sweating, and 2) the infamous Delhi belly. I just hope that I have packed enough supplies to be able to deal with both.

At this point, I am not really too sure what to expect when I arrive in India. I have done a fair bit of travel and have always enjoyed the experience of immersing myself in different cultures. My plan is to keep an open mind and get involved as much as possible with the local people that we will be working with. I think we have a strong Impact team that is going over, and I look forward to working with this group.

 Having been with Impact for a number of years now and seen many of my colleagues take part in these trips, I am really excited to see firsthand what it is all about.


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