Finding your perfect job – these are the questions you should ask

Finding your perfect teaching job is about more than getting an interview and waiting for them to ask you questions. You need to make sure it’s the right fit for you, and so need to ask questions too. Here are our top tips, whether you’re just researching, are ready to apply, or have landed an interview.

Is it the type of school you want?

Schools in the UK vary enormously. Public and private schools tend to have more autonomy and smaller classrooms, whereas state schools have to follow the national curriculum and class sizes can be up to 30 students. Some large secondary schools can have up to 2000 pupils, or even more, especially in cities, whereas rural schools are likely to be smaller. Some schools hone in on specific subject areas, such as languages or sports, although all will have a broad curriculum. It might be a school where academic achievement is particularly prized, and university admission rates crucial. Think about what is important to you as a teacher, and make sure you choose a school that offers that.

Do you want to live there?

It’s as much about finding a home as it is a job. Consider the location of the school, and if it’s in an area you want to live in. How long are you prepared to commute? What are house prices like? Is there a community you want to be part of? Read local media and find blogs that can help you inform your decision. Remember that living somewhere too small can be just as challenging as somewhere large – no one wants to be bumping into students every weekend.

What do OFSTED and parents say?

All schools will try to sell themselves as being the best place to teach. You need some impartial reviews and input. You can read the OFSTED report for every school online at the government website, which will let you know how it rated in the latest inspection, and give you an idea of any measures in place. But it’s also important to see what parents have to say. Look on community forums and find out the feedback they offer. Do they love the work their children do, do they feel part of the school, and are they proud that their children go there?

Can you progress?

Do you want to grow and develop your career? Try to get an understanding of what potential pathways there are for career progression. Whether that’s through professional development courses, training on the job, or networking opportunities, see how you can learn as well as your students. Don’t be afraid to ask former teachers what the progression plan was like, and if there was any structured support in place.

Will you be teaching?

Generally speaking the higher up you progress, the less time will be spent in the classroom. Really think about whether you want the pay grade and title, or want to be hands on and teaching with impact. Do you want to spend time doing extra-curricular activities? This will help you decide which role would suit you best. Is it one that is firmly in the classroom, or do you want a strategic leadership role? Both are equally valid and can work at different stages in your career.

At Impact Teachers your consultant will help you find the perfect job by asking the right questions and matching you up. Take the heavy lift out of job hunting with us, and know that all the right questions are being asked.

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