Excitement and enthusiasm – how to prepare for your new teaching job

Ah new beginnings. You’ve handing in your resignation by the end of October, got the new job offer letter through, and are on the countdown to Christmas. It’s a busy time of year, and you are excited about the future. How can you make the most of the time to go, and leave this teaching job ready and raring for the next teaching job? Here are our top tips:

Don’t wind down

Don’t give up on your current teaching job, or your current students. You’re still employed by your school to deliver the national curriculum to pupils and students for one. But more importantly, those young people are relying on you to be a teacher, a guide, and a mentor. So do the best you can by them. Also remember that whilst there are 465,500 FTE teachers in the UK, it can be a small world, and if word gets around that you’ve slacked on the job, it won’t do your reputation any good.

Learn all you can

Your new school might have different systems or processes in place than your current one. Ask them for any documentation you need to review before starting so you can drip feed your new knowledge and not have a mad rush before starting the new role. The more you can get ahead, within reason, the less stressful the new start will be.

Get some R & R in

You don’t want to start your new job hurried and harried. Schedule in time over the Christmas period to get some rest and relaxation in. Read a book, do some yoga, get your hair done, eat some chocolate. Whatever it is that makes you feel good. And get sleep! Stress and anxiety can make us feel tired and stop us sleeping, so make sure your bedroom is a safe haven.

Set goals

It can be really empowering to have goals and aims for the future. So stop and think about what you want to achieve in your next teaching job. Why are you there and what impact do you want to have? In the excitement of starting a new position it can be easy to forget the bigger picture, so take time to regularly reflect and review.

Keep excited

Don’t let that new job excitement wear off after a few weeks. Keep saying hello, keep smiling, keep asking questions and keep reminding yourself of the passion and purpose that brought you into teaching and why you turn up every day to support young people become the best they can be.

Are you ready to enjoy your new job?

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