6 reasons to teach in the UK

As a world-renowned leader in education, the UK is one of the most popular overseas destinations for people looking to teach abroad. On top of all the incredible reasons to move to the UK – such as our stunning, dramatic coastline, rolling green countryside, bustling, internationally famous cities and fashion, food and music – the UK is one of the best places to develop and enhance your career as a teacher. Below we’ve listed just 6 of the reasons why you should make the move to teach in the UK.

1. Prestige

The UK boasts some of the most famous and prestigious private schools in the world, attracting students from some of the most influential families in the world. Eton and Harrow are two of the oldest schools, with rich histories and traditions which are carried through into modern teaching practices. Think all the charm of Hogwarts with all the benefits of a world-leading education system and imagine how incredible it would be to get an opportunity to teach at a school with such prestige.

2. Similarities

If you’re moving to teach in the UK from Australia, New Zealand or Canada, you’ll soon realise that the national curriculum taught in the UK is very similar to the one you’ve taught back home. Learning the UK curriculum usually takes a day or two to get your head around, and you could find that much of the planning you’ve done previously needs only a little adaptation to make it ready to be delivered within a UK school.

3. Teacher shortage

There is currently a shortage of teachers in the UK, and so jobs become available fairly frequently, both permanent as well as supply roles. Core subjects such as maths, English, science and humanities, in particular, are places where you’re likely to find vacancies to teach. There are also incredible opportunities for primary school teachers who will lead on a number of subjects.

4. Travel

With incredible transport links across Europe and further to the world, you’ll easily be able to access the places you’ve had on your bucket list for years when you make the move to live in the UK. You can jump on a plane, train or (pardon the cliche) automobile and be in France within the day. Travelling to Europe on the Eurostar is an adventure everyone should get to experience at least once, and the reward of rich red wine and incredible French cheese on the other side of the channel should have you racing to go.

5. Diversity

The UK offers some of the most diverse opportunities for living overseas, from its multi-cultural towns and cities to its landscape which is left wild and untouched across the country. From the historical architecture of Edinburgh to the modern docks of Liverpool, the cities of the UK have world-class music, food, fashion, culture, art and history to boast. From ancient Roman cities like Bath and York to Melbourne-style cafes in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, there really is so much to see and do.

Outside of the city, the UK offers a stunning, diverse landscape, whatever your tastes. From the wild, untouched Scottish Isles, to the stunning, dramatic Lake District mountains in the North West of England, right down to the sunny Southern Coast – there’s something for everyone to enjoy. You could hike up the UK’s highest peaks, or spend the day surfing in Cornwall, topped off by a scone with jam and cream. Your move to the UK could quickly become one of the most exciting times of your life with so much on offer.

Within the classroom too you’ll teach students from all over the world, from different backgrounds regarding faith and several different languages being spoken. These diverse experiences will help you to grow as a person, and also as a teacher as you work with pupils who have a range of communication capabilities, life experiences and academic abilities.

6. CV enhancing

The UK is considered to have one of the world’s leading education systems, and so moving to teach in the UK can have a hugely positive impact on your CV. Should you choose to move on from working in the UK and apply to other countries at a later date, you’ll realise how impactful your time in the UK was to the opportunities that open up as a result.

If you’re ready to make the move to teach in the UK, contact Impact Teachers to see how we can help. We have been working with international teachers for over a decade, placing them in 500 UK schools, starting a wonderful, fulfilling role, teaching in the UK. We are recognised as the leading teacher agency, committed to enhancing and developing global education. For more information about how we can help you, check out our full site, or you can apply directly for jobs here. And be sure to read our regularly updated blog for some great tips and tricks about making the most of your dream career right here in the UK.

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