5 Simple Tips to Improve Communication with Students

Communication from teachers to students is crucial in and outside of the classroom. Effective communication can help build a strong relationship with you and your students. Also can improve your overall experience as a teacher. Here are 5 easy and simple tips to help you improve communication with your students.

1 Be open to listening to your students

By being open to comments, it will create a positive relationship with you and the student. Students are more likely to be motivated and work in a classroom where they feel that it is a safe place to share any academic concerns or questions, without any judgement.

2 Open door policy

Sometimes communicating to a teacher during class time feels like too much pressure for the student. Having an open door policy where students can approach you when needing help with work or with a question builds trust and can help make a student feel more comfortable contributing in class.

3 Create interesting and challenging tasks

Not only does interesting and challenging tasks improve a student’s problem-solving skills. But they also make a student more passionate about the subject. This will make them more active and involved in the classroom with discussions and asking questions.

4 Support the students

School is a very stressful time for anyone, so communicating to your students that you support them and want them to succeed is crucial in building their confidence in the classroom. Students need to know that as their teacher you are on their side and are there to help them, not make their lives more stressful.

5 Keep things light-hearted

Sometimes just making a joke, playing a song, or sharing an exciting story opens up the line of communication with students. Keeping things light-hearted will inspire students to be more open about themselves, participate, and can even get students to complete tasks that they find boring.

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Written by,

Danielle Watts

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