10 Things you should never say to a Teacher

Whether it is something being said by a student, a parent or a friend there are a few things as a Teacher that we have all heard and all are annoyed by. Have a look at our worst 10 things to say to a teacher, you might find a few very familiar quotes.

  1. “You’re basically a glorified babysitter!” – I wish this was the case this would mean I could take the kids to the movies and eat the food out of strangers fridges and hope they didn’t notice. This is not the case.
  2. “I don’t like homework” – As if this is a revelation that we’re going to never have heard before and decide to finally take on board. Let’s just put this out there to make it clear, students don’t like homework, parents don’t like homework, teachers don’t like marking homework. Now let’s move on shall we.
  3. “But my Mum/Dad said…” – We don’t care they’re wrong and they will not be marking your essay.
  4. “It must be great being a teacher and only working 10 months a year” – This is just naive and should be responded by saying it must so nice to not be a teacher and just show up to work 9-5 and go home and relax. I remember when weekends were not full of marking and planning, those were the good old days.
  5. “You should make learning more fun” – Whether this comes from a student a parent or a friend this is never well received we do our best to make it as boring and dull as possible in order to best inspire our students…
  6. “You only work half a day” – No teacher leaves at 3 that simply is not a thing. There is after school clubs, sports team, school shows and then on top of that marking and planning.
  7. “Doesn’t your school provide you with those resources?” – The amount a Teacher will spend of their own money buying things for the classroom or for activities you would not believe!
  8. “Your pay should be dependent on your results” – Just no. Some kinds don’t test well and other kids just don’t try particularly hard. A teacher can only do so much.
  9. “Don’t teach to the test” – Heaven forbid you follow this advice and the students don’t actually do well on their tests then all you get is why didn’t you go over what would be on the test. There is no winner.
  10. “It must be nice to play with kids all day” – Yes I love constantly telling the little ones to share and doing endless amounts of washing because everything is covered in paint or glue or whatever came out of that weird kids nose.

Let us know if you have experienced any of these or if you would add anything to this list!

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