Friend requests from parents?

Should you accept a parent’s friend request on Facebook?

Most teachers, if not all have come face to face with this conundrum. The issue with this, even though logic dictates that you would decline is the nature of the relationship with the parent or the expectation of the school and management.

I am sure there are exceptions to accepting a request from a parent, however, they are extremely rare and accepting a friend request from a parent leaves the teacher vulnerable in a number of ways.

So before you hit that button and increase your followers, have a think about the freedoms you are possibly giving up and the assumptions that come with having that new friend.

Your private life will be non-existent.

You’re leaving yourself open hundreds of questions about what you do on weekend, who your better half is, where you went on holiday… should you be wearing that with this? Should you be drinking more wine on the weekends?


You will be “available” at a moment’s notice, Facebook allows for DM as well as calls. You may find messages and your wall feed full of questions that will leave your friends

wondering what is going on?

The kids will see everything:

A parent may show their children your profile, then all of sudden the children the class will be asking questions you do not want to answer!

It is against policy:

Your job actually could be in jeopardy, if you have accepted a friend request this could be against school policy and could get you into a little trouble.

You may gain a “friend”:

What happened when a parent thinks you are actual friends? This can cause you all sorts of problems. Obvious problems. Our advice is.. just say no! It is, however, your choice.

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