What I miss most about the classroom.

It has been over 8 years since I last led a classroom unless you count the lesson I delivered on our trip to India in 2016.

Having worked in many different environments with the majority being in an open office, there are a number of experiences that I miss, that only a teacher would know about.

Helping a child “get there”:

We all know that each child has unique abilities and at times some will struggle while others thrive.  One of the most rewarding feelings that a person can have is to work closely with a child and help them to overcome a particular challenge.  The relief, the “eureka” moment, is extremely humbling and one that a teacher gets to experience often.

Being part of something bigger than ourselves:

Very few will argue against the importance of education and the opportunities it provides for personal growth, career prospects and one’s confidence.

As a teacher, you know you have chosen a profession which is recognized as playing a pivotal role in shaping and supporting society.  You’re entrusted with the youth of the moment and how they may function as adults (to a degree).

This gives great value and there are many careers that cannot replicate this environment.  I could never just leave education, so working within the sector and supporting teachers has still made me feel that at least I’m still part of a great team.

Complete Honesty:

You learn so much about yourself and others.  Children tell it like it is.  They don’t hold back and in doing so force you to overcome personal challenges and difficulties.  Teachers are people who wish to make a better society and teach our youth.

There is always an opportunity to grow as a person, however, I felt the classroom gave this in abundance.  Your classroom is in part a reflection of you as a person and how you are perceived by your audience.

Teachers are continually learning and growing as society changes and the needs of children differ year after year.


Being a teacher is fun!  Never forget that.  You get to be an adult and still enjoy the humour of the youth.  The jokes, the banter and laughter really make your day.  Teachers get to enjoy their creative side by decorating their classroom or being part of the school play.

A school is a cultural hub and one that is truly valuable.

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