Our Trip to India 2017! – Day 2

“I have one thing to say, we must learn and let learn – that is all. It’s the only thing we need to remember.” This was the closing statement of one of our talented teachers from this afternoons seminar. Today has been shaped by that statement, with our team getting stuck into day two of observing and helping implement meaningful strategies. On our drive through Delhi this morning the teams quietly reflected on yesterday and we talked about what we thought we would see today, and how we would react to seeing our strategies being used, or being ignored.

We have somehow become acclimatised to the manic traffic that colours Delhi’s streets – and as we zipped through tuk-tuks, auto rickshaws, bikes, cycles, cars, people and cows this morning we chatted about how we would help the teachers face the problems they had brought with them the previous day. This morning, we were welcomed as family into the various schools across North Delhi, greeted with beaming smiles and eager teachers ready to gather their new confidant into their classroom and work with them. After each visit, as we manoeuvred to the next school the team gushed about how their feedback had been used, how there were objectives on the board, and how active engagement had been implemented. 

Jerson got stuck in today, team teaching to demonstrate strategies that he had explained yesterday. And I sat in awe, watching at how teaching and education had the ability to bridge all boundaries and barriers. Jerson effortlessly demonstrated, taught and handed over a new strategy in under and hour – and left the classroom following a round of applause from the Head Teacher, students and the Impact Team.

A successful seminar on learning objectives raised some important questions this afternoon and the team handled each scenario and question with ease – imparting wisdom from years of experience to a room full of eager minds who wanted to ‘learn and let learn’. As we watched the final feedback sessions, Meg turned to me and said “People need to know the important work we do, and that they can be a part of it” which was the perfect sentiment to end the day on.”

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