Top lunches for the teaching community

Top lunches for teachers that easy to make and will inspire you to try new dishes.

Bagel Pizza

Mmmmm bagels…. This quick and tasty treat will make you the envy of the staff room!




Perhaps the carbs are not your thing. In that case, how about some nibbles? Delicious and nutritious!

Thanks to @thepinspiredteacher for this lovely idea




Salad Jar

A trendy foodie lunch comes in a jar nowadays, It’s a salad jar! Not only is this good for you, but also aesthetically pleasing!



Chicken Soup

Everybody loves them some soup! @love.being.well has created something we think is super yummy!




Chicken Avocado Wraps.

Although a recipe meant for a child’s lunch, I cannot recommend this enough. This lunch is 4 servings giving you two days of lunch 🙂


Super Food Salad Supreme!

Thank you @love.being.well for yet another great recipe! This is a lovely meal that we have made at the office and it remains one of the most favourite treats!



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