Teaching Hacks for a Happy Halloween

Like many events, it comes around once a year and it is every teacher’s responsibility to think of a fun way to incorporate Halloween into his or her daily lessons.  Seasonal events are an important part of a pupil’s yearly experiences and a great way to have a little fun in the classroom.  So why not plan to make your History lesson a little spooky?  Or how about adding a little spice to your Physics lesson? Don’t worry – were here to help with some teaching hacks – see our list below of our top teaching hacks to help engage your pupils on Halloween.

Use Halloween characters to peak their interest

It only happens once a year, so who wants to count apples and oranges and work out fractions from a cake?   Mix it up this Halloween by using common Halloween characters and themes instead in your regular lessons to peak your pupil’s interests.  Why not add together the number of witches on the broom or count the number of bats hiding in the cave?  You could mix potions using coloured waters having pupils measure the quantities from a witch’s recipe.  By appealing to their imaginations, you are more likely to engage the pupils and help the information you are teaching register with them.

Frightening Food

If you are teaching food tech why not create a competition for the most frightening creation.  Have your pupils make scary cakes using their icing skills as a chance to show their creative side.  Alternatively but still keeping in theme with the season pupils could make a Halloween pumpkin pie – giving them the opportunity to make something using a key ingredient from Halloween.

The History of Halloween

Why not take the opportunity to touch on the history of Halloween.  Halloween isn’t all about trick or treats – particularly the treats.  Let your pupils learn about “All Hallows Eve” and the beliefs and traditions that have developed over the years.  You could teach them where the saying “trick or treat” came from.  It is also a good chance for children to learn about the different ways Halloween is celebrated around the world.  This can be tailored for different age so that younger children can be taught the more light hearted traditions around the world, whilst older pupils can discuss Dia De los Muertos and the celebrations that take place.

Decorate your classroom

Imagination!  It is an amazing power when it comes to your classroom and your pupils.  Let your pupil’s imagination run and have them help to decorate your classroom with a Halloween theme – you will be amazed at what they will come up with and the different ideas that will flow from the opportunity for them to be creative.

For more teaching hacks to help you with your teaching journey, please read the rest of our blog.

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