Why it’s time to start teaching in the UK…

If teaching abroad is something you have been considering, then you might be keen to pursue teaching in the UK. England is one of the most popular destinations for teachers to head to. Here’s why it should be the only choice you make in the next step of your career journey…

The UK needs teachers

UK schools are currently struggling to recruit enough teachers to cover the core subjects, such as maths, science, English and humanities. There is also a great need for teachers who understand coding, and are able to bring digital skills to the classroom. There are plenty of full-time and part-time roles up for grabs, along with supply work. These are at both private and state schools across the breadth of the country.

In February 2017, this teacher shortage was considered to be at ‘crisis’ point due to the sharp rise in pupil numbers. It’s also thought that the government may consider relaxing immigration restrictions to make it easier for teachers coming from abroad to fill this shortage. This is, therefore, a great time for you to make the move.

A great city

Teaching in London is hugely popular; it’s one of the best-known capital cities with a wonderful number of key attractions including Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and the River Thames. There are also many other amazing cities across the UK including Manchester, Bristol, Leicester, and Liverpool. With a great mix of architecture, culture, fashion and social scene, the UK will help you make memories for yourself that will last a lifetime. In 2015 London was voted as the greatest city on earth.

Great schools

The UK is home to an incredible roster of schools, some of which are hundreds of years old. There’s the opportunity to walk the same hallowed halls as key politicians, writers, musicians and historians. With universities such as Cambridge and Oxford and schools including Eton and Harrow, you could be looking at working in an institution that is worthy of a role in any Harry Potter book.

The British experience

Countries across the world really value individuals who have sought out time teaching in the UK. Many international schools seek out educators with experience of teaching the British curriculum, or who have spent time working in Britain. This background can play a key role in helping you get a number of jobs globally – not just in your home country but also in destinations such as the Middle East, Australia or Asia. Many schools will also value what teaching abroad shows about you as an individual – your drive, determination, strength and ambition.

Similar curriculum

If you’ve previously taught in places such as Canada, New Zealand or Australia, then you will most likely see many similarities between their curriculums and that of the UK. This can help to make you feel more confident in what you’re doing, mean you require less training, and make you feel less like you’re starting from scratch. It can also help to make you more employable when you’re looking to work in the UK. Many schools will appreciate this prior understanding.

The Youth Mobility Visa

Between the UK and certain members of the Commonwealth, it is possible for those under the age of 31 to travel and work in the UK. Getting a visa after this point can be tricky, and often sponsorship would then be applicable and you may only get considered where there is a clear teaching shortage. Therefore if you can make the most of this visa, it’s definitely worth using it to kick-start your new career.


The UK is a very multi-cultural country and is open and accepting of all kinds of faiths and beliefs. There are no restrictions against you entering or working in the UK because of your religion, and the country welcomes people of different backgrounds. This helps to add diversity to students learning experiences, and they can gain a more enriched education through talking and meeting teachers from across the globe.

Rewarding jobs

When you work in the UK, you can expect to receive a competitive salary and generous pension, as well as support with your training. The teaching environment in the UK is very positive and focused on helping you offer the best to your pupils. Schools are reviewed and checked by OFSTED, who ensure the standards always remain high. There are plenty of opportunities for you to progress and take on higher leadership positions, such as coordinating classes, leading departments, or working as a head teacher.

Get in touch

To find out more about teaching in the UK, get in touch with Impact Teachers today. Impact is a teaching agency with a difference – as such, it is recommended by many teachers who appreciate how much more is done for them by Impact in terms of engaging, inspiring and supporting.

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