Our Trip to India – The Third Day

Today we’ve experienced a new challenge. Tomorrow is a public holiday in Delhi, meaning our schools will be closed. Our team has had to adapt quickly to the day’s plan and we were soon to realise how short a time we had left with our teachers.

At the beginning of the day, at my team’s first two schools, we were able to spend time with the Headteachers to share our excitement about the improvements and responsiveness in our observations. All of the Teachers who had come to the seminars were keen to show us what they had learnt and how they could apply new strategies. Students were already excited by the contextual activities and energy, confidence was visible in all.

This afternoon was busy and intense. Sarah, Tina and Candela worked hard to deliver two seminars this afternoon to our eager teachers on Success Criteria and Assessment. Throughout this week, through our observations, teachers have communicated to us their own trepidation with practical learning and stepping away from the theory of teaching. Sarah responded to this phenomenally by structuring her seminar as if she was teaching an English lesson to her students. She modelled activities and had continuous collaboration. Tina and Candela followed suit as they extended the thinking to question how students understood their learning. Impressive discussions came to light as Teachers began to focus on the concept of higher order thinking and questioning. It was a fast paced and action packed couple of hours, but completely worth the meaningful discussion between teachers.

Something inspiring for all was the presence of one of our Headteachers during the seminar. He participated and asked questions throughout, as we chatted about how he would be able to convey the content with other teachers in his school.

With the loss of a day tomorrow in school visits, the team are already busy discussing how they can make the most of their final day on Friday with their Teachers. Talk of activities and games are already underway as well as plans for demonstrations and modelling to solidify some of the concepts taught this week.

Contribution from Alexandra Drabczynska.  Want to read more about our current trip – read our first three posts here!

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