Myths about Education Recruitment

Myths and reality of education recruitment agencies

As a trained Teacher with 4 years’ experience and having worked in the education recruitment industry I am in the unique position to have been on both sides of the pond.

Many of the consultants that you speak with have actually come from the classroom. We love education and want to do the best for our candidates especially those coming from overseas for a new experience.

Most education recruitment agencies have a solid ethos and do not go rogue on our ethics just because we aren’t in the classroom anymore, we still want to look after our fellow Teachers in the trenches. There are a few myths about education recruitment organisations that have had an insidious effect over the years and therefore needs addressing.

Agencies take part of your salary:

We see this one very regularly, having worked for 4 different agencies nobody is safe from this assumption. No agency takes money from you. It is stealing and unethical. Like I said most of the consultants are former teachers, trust me when I say we never take any money from your salary.  Schools are charged a modest fee for our services which covers a range of overheads, we are a business after all, but the school is charged the fee, not the candidate.

We just send your CV’s out and hope for the best:

We work around the clock to secure teachers the best possible match rather then throw them into any school and fingers crossed it all works out. It is in our best interest for you as a candidate to have a school you enjoy. Of course, there are situations that are out of our control such as staff dynamics, but we always consult and advise teachers as best we can. Our job is to cultivate relationships with Headteachers to ensure we understand their needs and the culture they operate in to ensure a successful match. Most consultants will be working on weekends as well to accommodate clients at no cost to you, the candidate.

PAYE is better than Umbrella:

This depends on your needs and how flexible you want to be. PAYE is restrictive as you can only work for one company. Being with an umbrella company gives you scope, options and you get additional benefits. They are very transparent about pay and happy to walk you through all your questions. The caveat is that they should be ethical, reputable agencies who will do their due diligence to ensure you get the best service and that the umbrella company is audited and HMRC approved.

Agencies charge you a fee to join:

If an agency does that, you have been duped. In fact, I have never heard of an agency charging a candidate at all. Therefore, the service you receive from us and other recruitment companies is free. Zero pounds, dollars, euros or cash money. As a business, we charge the school. See point one if this is still confusing.

Outstanding Schools are easy, special measures are challenging:

Rather common, but a complete fallacy. Outstanding schools may have particular benefits but the expectations are to maintain a high standard at all times which can generate a high-pressure environment depending on the school. Schools in special measures, have plenty of support and can often be more flexible in their approach and open to new ideas and input from their teachers. The Myth that all schools with an outstanding rating are an easy ride is completing false so do not cut off career opportunities by being inflexible about a schools rating, remember this can change at any time and often the leadership structure changes to fix this.

Should you have any questions, please comment below and we will be happy to respond!

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