India Trip - April 2015 | Day 1

Apr 4, 2015 | Posted by Impact Teachers

I'm unsure of where time has gone but I've now found myself in the queue to check-in for my flight to India so what better time to start my first blog entry!  Last night I finally started packing and am already wondering what I may have forgotten but thankfully passport and visa are in hand so at least I know I can make it there! Being a nervous flier I am already looking forward to touching down in Delhi and meeting up with our team. I've seen so many of these trips happen throughout my years at Impact Teachers so it feels a bit surreal now that I'm actually going myself. I'm feel so privileged and excited to finally see the children and schools that we are working with in person instead of just pictures and videos. Well I'm close to the end of the queue maze, the next time I write I will be in in sunny India!

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